Internet shopping has made it possible for people to procure pretty much everything from the comfort of their homes. You only need a decent internet connection, and you can buy whatever it is you are looking for including weed seeds. However, the fact that you can buy marijuana seeds online has opened other avenues to be conned. The internet is truly a web and you can easily get yourself snared into it if you are not careful. This is especially so with rare products such as these seeds.

Where to buy

There is no shortage of weed sellers online. The number of seed sellers is also steadily increasing. One of the most prominent seed banks that any weed farmer needs to know is Seed Supreme. There are seedbanks and there is Seed Supreme. If you would like to buy the best weed seeds USA has to offer, this is the site for you to visit. You can be sure that you will not be disappointed by the quality you will receive.

Do all weed seeds look alike?

This is a question that many beginners struggle with. There are mainly three kinds of pot seeds that you will find in a typically seed bank. There are regular, auto flowering and feminised seeds. Regular seeds tend to be cheaper than the two counterparts, but you would not be able to tell the difference between the three types. The difference lies within the genes and you will only seed these when the seeds growing plants. Genetics are a good indicator of the authenticity of seeds. It is for this reason that it is advisable to purchase from a reliable retailer such as Seed Supreme to avoid unnecessary surprises.

Things to look out for

When you buy marijuana seeds online you can check for some specific signs of quality. You will probably need a magnifying glass for this.

  • Size

For starters healthy seeds should be round and thick. They are not usually flat like melon or pumpkin seeds.

  • Colour

Typically, healthy marijuana seeds tend to be dark in colour. This could be brown, grey or black. The surface is also quite shiny in light with some seeds having slender striped running around them. If you find some without stripes that is still alright.

  • Hardness

The seeds should not deform or get crushed when you squeeze them. Try and apply a significant amount of pressure on the seed between your fingers. The seed should not break.


Long story short, the good quality seeds should be hard, glossy, and come with a dark hue. Avoid seeds that have a deep purplish shade. This is often an indication that the seeds were dyed and that is never a good sign. If the seeds have a dusty white powder-like substance you should avoid them as well because that is often an indication of mildew. You will not be able to grow anything from these seeds. Ensure that you purchase the best weed seeds USA has to offer to avoid such disappointments.

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