Whether you own only one or have many dogs, caring for a new furry companion can be a life-changing and confusing experience. For first-time dog owners, this anxiety is further compounded by the fact that they’re not familiar with the ins and outs of dog care. After all, a lot of things go into the care and maintenance of pets, and dogs are one of the trickiest to master. Not only do you have to feed them, but you also need to clean after them, maintain them, and much more. Here are just a few responsibilities you have as a dog owner.

Basic responsibilities of pet owners

1) Look after their health. Much like humans, dogs need to be immunised against various diseases they can get from other dogs or the environment. You’ll need to visit a veterinarian for vaccines and get a pet immune booster to keep their health in check.

2) Let them get enough exercise.This is true especially for more active breeds. Many dogs can’t get ample exercise by just staying in the house or apartment. You have to set aside time to walk your dog so they can stay healthy, or hire a dedicated dog walker for this purpose.

3) Feed them the right foods. Your pet’s diet can affect their overall health. Not only can it affect their digestive system what they eat can also influence minute things like the quality of their coats and teeth and gum health. With the wide variety of foods available in the market, you might want to research online before getting your dog on any sort of diet. You may also want to look into getting pet supplements in Singapore to ensure that your dog gets all the nutrients it needs.

4) Train them. You don’t need to teach your dog complex tricks, but you might find it helpful for both yourself and your dog if you teach them a few basic commands. A lot of people get frustrated by stubborn dogs, but most just lack training. For example, teaching your dog to go to certain places to relieve themselves (also called housetraining) can make picking up after your dog easier. It also saves you from embarrassing situations!

5) Protect them from parasites. Pet parasites are a big deal. Bugs that feed on your pet’s blood can transfer nasty diseases that can make them very sick. It’s best to stock up on some flea and tick spray to protect your dogs from bites. But that’s not the only way they can obtain parasites– if you feed your dog contaminated food or let them follow a raw food diet, they can be at risk of obtaining nasty parasites like tapeworms. Always do your research and buy foods carefully.

6) Give them lots of care and attention. Last but not least, your dog is a living being that needs your love! Dogs are incredibly social animals who are attuned to the emotions of their owners. If you’re going to get a dog, make sure you’re ready to adapt to its personality and give it the respect it deserves.

Supplies you’ll need as a pet owner


Before you get your dog, you should prep your home for the arrival of your furry companion. But you can’t just waltz into a pet store and guess which ones your pets really need. A single pet supplies distributor can give you a whole range of dog supplies and equipment, so figuring out which supplies are absolutely essential can be tricky to figure out.

Below is a list of items that you might want

1) For a healthy and active mind and body. Playing with your dog isn’t just a physical activity. It can also help stimulate their mind and curb excess energy. Getdoggy toys for home play and grab a leash and harness for outdoor play sessions. You don’t need too many expensive toys to engage with your pet!

2) For gut and digestive health. Dogs are omnivores, much like humans, and they can consume a wide variety of foods. And like humans, they also need a balanced diet to stay healthy. Why not ask a vet about dog probiotics in Singapore and other supplements for your pooch?

3) For healthy skin, nails, and fur. Your dog doesn’t need to be bathed or groomed every day, but they do need regular grooming, especially if your dog has wiry or long fur. You may want to invest in a good brush and some quality shampoo and conditioner that can give them a healthy, glossy coat. Don’t forget the nail trimmer for your dog’s nails.

4) For great vision and hearing. Some dog breeds can be more susceptible to ear and eye infections. If you see discharge coming out of your pet’s ears or eyes, that may already be a cause for visiting the vet. But before it gets to that level, you may want to buy supplies like pet eye drops for your dog. As for the ears, you can get pet-approved ear cleansers at a pet shop. You can also use ordinary tools like cotton swabs, but ask your vet first before attempting ear cleaning yourself

5) For tooth and gum health. Dogs use their teeth during play and as tools to explore their world. It’s a shame that many elderly dogs have difficulties eating because their owner neglected or was unaware about the many ways that they can care for their dog’s teeth. Special toothpastes for dogs and dental chews are available at pet stores or at the local vet.

Looking for a distributor of essential pet supplies for the health of your companion? Visit Pet Health Global’s site to find a range of pet supplies like flea and tick spray or supplements!

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