Every major city in the Western world has a Red Light District. Most people have heard of the infamous Amsterdam Red Light District but you will be surprised to learn that there are areas in Melbourne that are considered to be within “a red light” demarcation. It might not be clear since red lights are mostly associated with sex for cash or prostitution has been largely illegal in most states, still there are brothels. The experience of these brothels in close proximity to a  Melbourne strip club that have nothing to do with prostitution can be confusing for a novice. Still, these two different establishments have always found a way to co-exist in Melbourne. 

A brief history of the red light district in Melbourne 

Red-light districts in Australia have the same roots as their European counterparts. These areas were largely centered around commuter hubs like train stations and ports. These were convenient especially for travellers and workmen who would stop by for a pint of beer and some titillating entertainment. 

A lot of Australian cities were used as rest stops for American soldiers during the Vietnam war. 

This resulted in adult entertainment is centred around them. Some of these zones were sanctioned and even funded by authorities. Times have changed and a lot of people are using the internet for sexual entertainment. Instead of soliciting on the streets, many have moved to swanky upmarket clubs however some streets and areas have not been able to shake the “red light” association. Here are some districts with a long and colorful past: 

St. Kilda, Melbourne

St. Kilda is a popular tourist spot however people come to the area not only for the beach but for the vibrant adult entertainment scene. The area is so notorious that the health and sex industry (RhED) organisation is headquartered there. Although prostitution is illegal in Melbourne, you can still find “working girls” especially around Grey Street. 

A lot of women work regular 9 to 5 jobs and turn to adult entertainment at night. The area butles with different kinds of people all looking for something.  Robe Street, Dalgety and Barkly Streets are popular haunts for kocals.

The area was segregated but it also happened to be located close to the police station. This made it a relatively safe area. However, those boundaries stymied further development of the area. This means there are lots of old buildings that were converted into entertainment venues.

Kings Street – the new red light district

When it comes to adult entertainment in general, Kings Street is considered to be the hub of adult entertainment in Melbourne. The area transformed in the 80s when old disused warehouses at the south end of King Street were renovated into bars, nightclubs, and strip clubs. Strip clubs are located through main routes. You can literally catch a train to and from the area. Everything is within walking distance which makes bar hopping so easy. 

Some of the largest clubs on Kings Street include La Di Da, Inflation, Clique Lounge, Tramp, and Brown Alley & Sorry Grandma. If you are looking for the best Melbourne strip club then head on to Kings street. You will find some of the best clubs in Melbourne like Bar 20, Men’s Gallery, and Centrefold. On any given day, the street is bustling with punters looking for a place to just have a drink with friends in a good setting or to enjoy watching beautiful, sexy women and let the problems of the world and work melt away.

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