There are many reasons why people visit and see a doctor. Some want to find out if they are healthy, while others want to get treated because they are sick. Or perhaps, they think there is something wrong with their body that home remedies cannot treat their condition. Either way, both reasons are valid. All doctors do their best to make sure their patients get well and become healthy.

That is why if you think you need to see an ENT doctor in Singapore, do not delay your visit. Take note that health is wealth, and life is in your hands. That means whatever you do, it will affect you, for better or for worse.

Just envision this situation.

One morning, a man wakes up. He feels like the world becomes a bit silent. His friend has to use the top of their lungs so he can hear their voice. Sometimes, he has to ask them to repeat what they said since he barely understands anything.

If that happens to you, what do you think you would do? Most of the time, people clean their ears, and everything will be back to normal. But that is not always the case. If you let that go on, you might lose your ability to hear.

To not prevent that from happening, you should see an ENT specialist in Singapore. Remember that it is better to be safe than sorry. If you have not gone to see one before, let this article guide you. It will help you get the most out of your ENT appointment.



Visiting an ENT doctor in Singapore for the first time can be a stressful experience. Since you have no idea what will happen to you as soon as you get there, several thoughts keep on piling up. Sometimes, even the tick-tock of the clock irks you as you sit in the lounge, waiting for your turn to come inside and see the ENT doctor.

But do not get bothered to feel this way anymore, since listed below are the things you can expect during your consultation. With this, you can prepare yourself and get ready for your first ENT doctor visit.


When you arrive at the ENT specialist clinic in Singapore, expect to see a lot of people. According to a study, more and more people will experience ENT problems as time passes.Among all of the ENT conditions, hearing loss is the most common of them all. That is why you should not be surprised to see many people filling out forms and waiting for their turn to come inside.

Once done filling out the form given to you by the front desk, try to relax. Make sure you have everything ready, from your list of questions to your health insurance card. Bringing these ensures your visit will go well as planned.


As soon as you hear your name, do not panic. That is just the nurse at the front desk, letting you know that your turn to see the ENT doctor is about to come. So, relax, and once you are inside, be honest when the specialist asks you. They are only doing that to diagnose your condition and nothing else.

Also, while you are there with the ENT doctor, they will perform a physical examination such as allergy and hearing test. Sometimes, if those procedures are not enough, they will ask you to get an imaging test like ultrasound, MRI or CT scan. But fret not since they will be only doing this if they think the ENT condition already spread somewhere else.


After the physical examination and all of the imaging tests, the ENT doctor will put together a treatment plan. The methods they will use depend on the findings they found on the procedures you went through. But usually, they will suggest you get the least invasive treatments, and those are taking medication and changing your lifestyle. If those did not work, that is when they will recommend you to get surgery.

An ENT specialist is like any doctor in Singapore. They will take good care of your health, especially your ear, nose, and throat. That is why you should not hesitate to consult with one once you notice something wrong with your body.



Like other parts of the body, the ears, nose, and throat can also suffer from various problems. Some of these can even affect your daily life and result in lasting disability if left untreated. That is why you should not neglect any signs and symptoms you are experiencing and see an ENT doctor right away.

So far, here are the most common conditions that an ENT doctor in Singapore can treat.


As mentioned above, out of all the ENT conditions, hearing loss is the most common. According to WHO, one in four people will have hearing problems by 2050. That is why as early as now, you should take good care of your ears. Take note that the ability to hear is precious, and losing will impact how you communicate.

To prevent that, see an ENT doctor as soon as you experience the following.

  • Unable to hear consonants very well.
  • Often ask people to repeat what they said or talk louder.
  • Turning the radio or music up to the maximum volume.

Once you consult an expert and they determine that you have hearing problems, here are the treatments that they will suggest.

  • Removing ear wax blockage.
  • Surgical procedures like inserting small tubes to drain persistent fluid.
  • Using hearing aids.
  • Getting cochlear implants.


This ENT problem is about inflammation that happens around the throat, and anyone can get it at any time of the year. But there is one season that tonsillitis occurs more, and that is summer.

Ask every ENT specialist doctor in Singapore, and they will tell you the same thing. Due to the hot weather, bacterial infection tends to develop more. As a result, the throat will become dry, and it gets more painful when swallowing.

To soothe the pain and inflammation, gargling with warm salt water will work. But it is best to see an ENT doctor since they can cure tonsillitis and prevent it from getting worse. Take note that if you prolong tonsillitis, you might need to remove your tonsils if the bacterial infection persists.



If you believe you are experiencing or suffering from ENT problems, then you should see the right ENT specialist doctor. It may not be easy at first since there are many ENT specialistsout there, but it would be a good idea to choose the one near you. Doing so would help you not have a hard time going back and forth to the ENT specialist clinic and your home.

Nevertheless, here are the pointers you need to consider when choosing an ENT specialist clinic in Singapore.



Do you have a primary care doctor? If so, that is great! You can ask them which ENT doctor you should go to and get treated. They might lend you a hand to book an appointment at an immediate time.


But of course, before you let the ENT doctor treat you, know if they are trustworthy. To do that, ask for their credentials. Ensure you verify that information from the medical school they went to and the facilities they previously worked for.


Now you know that their credentials are legit, it is time to dig deeper. Know how experienced they are when it comes to treating ENT problems and if they specialise in surgical procedures or not.

Keep in mind that the more years of experience they have, the better. That means they have treated a lot of patients over the years.


Since no one can predict the future, it is a good idea that you are ready. That is why ask the ENT specialist clinic in Singapore if they offer telemedicine. If you are not familiar with this service, it is a method that doctors use to diagnose a patient over a video call.

Fret not since this method works, and if the doctor found you need more help, they will advise you to see them in person right away.


If you are still having trouble choosing which ENT specialist doctor to see, read the patient’s review. This testimonial will give you an idea about what you can expect from them.

By reading this, you will have more peace of mind to get checked. As such, you will become more comfortable even if it is your first time getting an ENT appointment.


Just like most medical procedures, ENT consultation and examination are not that cheap. That is why make use of your health insurance and know how much it will cover.

Usually, if the procedure is medically necessary, you will only have to pay for the out of pocket expenses. But still, that will depend on the plan you have, so call your healthcare provider before making an ENT schedule.

While doing all of these, make sure to take your time. Do not hurry the process of looking for the right ENT specialist in Singapore. Otherwise, you might go and get treated by the wrong person for the job,



Once you have an ENT specialist clinic in mind, you should get yourself ready for your appointment. As mentioned above, that is the only way to get the most out of your ENT visit.

So here, follow these things and prepare yourself before your scheduled consultation comes.


Besides arriving at the ENT specialist clinic early, you should wear the most comfortable clothes you have. Doing so would help you be at ease while the doctor is checking your condition.


If you want to get the most out of your ENT doctor visit, you should not come empty-handed. That is why bring a list of the medication and supplement you drank in the past and currently taking. Making this extra effort will give the ENT doctor a hand in diagnosing your condition and finding the seamless method to treat you.


Another way to get the most out of your ENT appointment is to ask questions. Of course, since it is nerve-wracking to think of one on the spot, create a list of it, too.

Here are just a few questions you might ask once you get there.

  • What is the cause of this?
  • Do you think I need surgery?
  • When can I start my treatment?


Most of all, if you think you cannot come to see an ENT doctor in Singapore because you are scared, bring a friend. Just knowing there is someone else with you helps. It gives more peace of mind and courage to face your consultation. As such, you get the most out of your visit and ask your friend what they think you should get as ENT treatment.


Keep in mind that whatever happens, your health is in your hands. That is why if you notice something wrong with your ear, nose, or throat, see aspecialist in Singapore right away. They can help you feel better than any of the home remedies found on the internet. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult with one and make sure you are ready before your appointment comes.

In any case, if you need ENT treatment but have not found a reliable ENT specialist clinic in Singapore, go to Dr Gan EngCern. This facility can help you with your ear, nose, and throat problems.

If you think you need to see an ENT doctor right now, schedule an appointment by calling (65) 6253 7296 or leave an inquiry on their website.


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