Introduction to first aid, a combination of soul and massage by one person / two people, diagnosis and treatment of unconscious situations (blackout, suffocation, heart attack, stroke, electrocution, poisoning, epilepsy, diabetes), stopping bleeding, bandages, and fixations, Erste-Hilfe Kurs Führerschein.

Main topics of study

The first aid course is the first step to a driver’s license. Learner drivers have the opportunity to kill several birds with one stone because here you do not have to go to several places, but first aid courses, passport photos, and eye tests can be completed and done with just one visit. No matter for which driving license class.

The first aid course consists of 9 lessons of 45 minutes each. In addition to the fact that the first aid course is required by law to be able to take the driving test, the knowledge that during the course is taught in everyday life and in the future offers real added value and helps to save lives – in all situations BLR Akademie Erste-Hilfe Kurs. The training is intended to impart basic knowledge of immediate resuscitation operations and provide first aid until the arrival of the rescue forces.

The hours-long course for first aid course also known as the Erste-Hilfe Kurs Führerschein München (First aid course driving license Munich) combines theoretical and practical learning. The course studies and practices emergency situations that can happen to anyone anytime, anywhere.

You are invited to refresh or receive new knowledge in the field of providing first aid to any situation Erste-Hilfe Kurs Hauptbahnhof: CPR for infants and adults, road accidents, fixation, bandage, and treatment of other common injuries.

The purpose of the training:

The training is intended to impart extensive knowledge of immediate resuscitation operations and to provide first aid until the rescue forces arrive. This knowledge is critical and can save lives.

Main topics of study:

Foundations of the physique Introduction to resuscitation summary + resuscitation stages + demonstration

  • Resuscitation practice + resuscitation of children and babies
  • using a defibrillator choking on a foreign body + practicing
  • Blackout
  • Epilepsy, Asthma
  • Circulatory system + heart disease shock
  • Stop bleeding + practice fractions,
  • Types of fixations + practice burns
  • Inhalation of smoke and hot air
  • Toxic animal injuries
  • Dehydration, heatstroke
  • Repetition + resuscitation practice, stopping TDS

Theoretical/practical summary test

All instructors have medical training. Full-fledged medics or paramedics, use various methods of study to provide the public with the tools to provide first aid in case of a medical emergency Erste-Hilfe Kurs Moosach.

Details of the study content

Requirements of the law:

  • Basics of physics
  • Understanding types of forklifts
  • Safety in operating a forklift (including telescopic forklift)

Treatment and maintenance practical part:

It takes at least 5 hours of academic study in the yard as part of the practical course, the following topics are studied:-

  • Proper maintenance
  • Safe travel with and without luggage
  • Proper view of turns and reverse travel
  • Elevation loading
  • Parking safety
  • Proper use of load table
  • Certification of telescopic forklift operators

Upon completion of the course, the student will receive a license for a first aid course that will appear on his driver’s license and can be used in any work complex permitted for maintenance and forklift operation.

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