The westinghouse igen4500 generators phase are most commonly used for specific computers that require us three phase current and so are almost all high power generators, from about 15-20 kVA. These generate an output voltage of 380V.

It should be said that as long as we have a three-phase current we can obtain a single-phase current, although it is not advisable to purchase three-phase generators if our needs are single-phase, since the performance will be much lower.

Conventional generators, Inverter or AVR

According to the stability of the voltage of the electric current generated by the electric generator, we can divide them into different types:

Conventional electric generators

Conventional igen4500 electric generators are lifelong generators that do not have any output voltage regulation system. These generators are the cheapest and the voltage of the current they generate may not be very stable, having some peaks. They are used for all types of appliances and machines that do not require a stable voltage, such as many tools, light bulbs, radiators, etc.

AVR electric generators

Electric generators are current generators AVR more sophisticated than conventional since they are equipped with an automatic voltage regulator, which guarantees a stable voltage (similar to that provided by the mains, +/- 2%) are used to power household appliances, electronic devices, machines, etc. that require a stable tension to work properly.

Inverter electric generators

Inverter electric generators are more advanced generators that are designed to deliver high quality current. They offer a very stable output voltage similar to or even better than that supplied by the electrical network), while also offering a stable frequency (Hz).

These electric westinghouse generator igen4500 are characterized by the fact that the engine speed adapts to the requested demand, thus providing us with an improvement in consumption and a lower noise level, since the generator works at the revolutions (rpm) necessary to satisfy the demand. In this way when necessary the generator will be revved and when it is not necessary it will go quiet. The lightest and most compact generators are characterized by having an Inverter system, these being widely used for sensitive electronic equipment, audio, video, camping, outdoors, etc. It should be said that the offer is reduced only to the smallest powers.

Diesel or Gasoline current generator

The most widely used electric generators on the market are basically powered by gasoline or diesel.

Gasoline electric generators

The electric generators gasoline is ideal for situations in which we will give little use and not continued, i.e. for occasional use in situations where we will use with pause cycles. It is also for emergency situations. This is due to the fact that all gasoline generators work with an engine at 3000 rpm. This high regime implies that it is advisable to use them for intermittent services of a maximum of 4 hours with pause cycles. Only generators with powers lower than 15 kVA are powered by gasoline.

Gasoline advantages

  • More economical.
  • Less expensive repairs.
  • Lighter.
  • Less noise.

Gasoline drawbacks

  • Less useful life.
  • Not valid for continued use.
  • Higher consumption.

Diesel electric generators

Diesel power generators, which can be divided into portable diesel generators and generator sets Diesel. Diesel generators are best suited for more intensive and continuous uses, especially 1500rpm diesel generator sets. These generators are the most robust, durable and reliable. All high-power electric generators are powered by diesel.

Diesel advantages

  • Longer lifespan.
  • Less consumption and therefore greater autonomy.
  • Perfect for continuous use.
  • In certain cases access to diesel type B (agricultural), cheaper.

Diesel drawbacks

  • More expensive.
  • More expensive repairs.
  • Heavier.
  • Louder.

Commercial stores usually have them in their parking lots, so that customers do not stop consuming and cashiers do not stop charging. Generators may be visible in these places, but it is always the architect’s job to consider their location on high terraces, hidden places, and deep basements.

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