To get high-quality cannabis yield, it is necessary to cultivate seeds of the best stock and to use rich and fertile soil. You can grow cannabis at home using wholesale pots and planters. Cannabis requires what growers call a “special soil mix” to get the best flowers. Creating your special soil mix needs knowledge of the following: require

Cannabis Nutrition

Like most other plants, cannabis requires water and three macronutrients; phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. These macronutrients are required in relatively large proportions and are the three base nutrients in most fertilizers. Nitrogen promotes photosynthesis and amino acid synthesis in cannabis, potassium promotes photosynthesis, and the transport of carbon dioxide through the leaves. Phosphorus promotes the synthesis of compounds that provide energy and protect the plant’s cells. In addition to these, cannabis needs micronutrients like sulfur, zinc, boron, and copper.

The Right Soil

Loam soil is the best soil to grow cannabis because it has the right water retention capacity. Test the soil you want to use by checking the color, water draining speed. You can also use soil that is part clay or sand. Ensure that loam forms the greater portion of the soil.

Mix the Soil Well

You can purchase wholesale pots and planters to hold the soil for cultivation. Mix the soil in the right proportion. Let the ratio be 3:1:1 for loam, sand, and clay respectively. It is best to avoid clay if possible, but keep it at the barest amount. Use a hand shovel to mix until the mixture harmonizes.

Mix in The Fertilizer

Mix in the fertilizer according to the instructions. Some fertilizers require a pre-mix with water before applying to the soil. It is best to mix the fertilizer into the soil at least three weeks before planting. That allows enough time for the soil to absorb the nutrients and become ready to nourish your plants.

Use the Right Pots and Planters

Using the wrong pots can significantly affect the soil preparation process. There is the need to keep the soil moist always as cannabis requires moisture to germinate and grow. Use growers that retain water and are perforated to allow airflow. It is advisable to purchase wholesale pots and planters to have multiple growers to use at any time.

Test the PH Level

The optimum PH level for cannabis growth is 6.0 – 6.80.

Anything lower or higher may result in poor quality yields. Home PH testing kits cost less than $20.

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