If you want a healthier kitchen, you have to live a healthier life. Knowing the importance of maintaining and cleaning your Berkey pro care maintenance kit will help you achieve a healthier kitchen. There is a severe health condition that water contaminants can cause most especially when microscope organisms and bacteria are present in the water.  You can buy your maintenance kit from USA Berkey Filters.

There are several uses that Berkey filters are used for, especially in reducing the contamination in water. So, why is it essential to maintain and clean your water filter system? Read on to find out.

Why Is It Important To Maintain And Clean Berkey Filters?

We must maintain anything we are using, even if it is not a Berkey filter. Because doing so will make the lifespan of such a thing last long, thereby reducing unnecessary expenses.

And not even talking about the effect it will have on the water negatively, it is essential to clean the Berkey filter because it prevents so many things. Which includes-:

  • The build-up of mold-:

A microbiologist once said that “ there are three things mold needs to grow: a warm environment, salt, water, or sugar. The build-up of mold in water is a fast process and when it is present in drinking water is very dangerous to health.

That makes it the reason why it is essential to use a filter so that it will cleAn any contamination to the water. And, mold can only be removed from the filter through vigorous cleaning to eliminate any pathogen or virus.

  • Build-up limescale-:

Calcium, magnesium, manganese, and carbonate are present in hard water, which causes the build-up of lime scales. Limescale lurks inside the tap and pipes; it is hard and chalky, but it can remove it when you properly clean it up with vinegar.

  • Bacteria Growth

Bacteria that are present in water can be removed through a water filter. But bacterial growth in the filter cannot be removed by itself. If there is no maintenance of the filter, then the bacteria will grow naturally on the pads on the filter, which will make them unclean.

  • Slow flow rate

A filter can release water at a prolonged rate when small matters are trapped. When you want a faster water flow, cleaning the Berkey filter will be helpful by removing the particle clogging the filter.

We have other reasons why it is essential to clean Berkey filters. These are-:

  • Proper water filter cleaning needs to be done to prevent bacteria growth from increasing inside the filter.
  • To get an adequate function of your filter, you need to clean the Berkey filter properly. Therefore, getting clean and purified drinking water for a long time.
  • If the Berkey filter has the presence of debris in them, there will not be any water filtered.
  • There cannot be the flow of chlorine into the Berkey filter if there is the build-up of debris in the filter’s pores, which will therefore cause infection to the water.
  • It will release sediment in your drinking water if the filter is not cleaned correctly.


To get healthier health, you need to properly and regularly clean your Berkey filter. Bacteria can multiply when they see an environment conducive to them, so if you don’t want the growth of pathogens or bacteria in your drinking water, you have to clean it regularly. It is an essential step in getting a healthier kitchen.


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