Solving the previous years’ question papers is the most important part of exam preparation. Past years’ papers help in analysing the exam trend and the way questions are asked in the examination. Students get a deep understanding of the paper pattern and difficulty level of the exam. Without solving the past years papers, students won’t be confident enough to face the exam. So, students are advised to practice last years’ papers before sitting for the ICSE board exam. 

Advantages of solving the ICSE Past Years’ Papers

Without practising the past year papers, students can’t be fully prepared to face the exam. So, those students who do not practice the past years papers for them, we have listed a few advantages of solving the previous year papers. By going through these points, they will understand that they are losing a lot and lagging in the exam preparation as compared to their classmates. Although there are numerous advantages of solving the ICSE previous years papers, here, we have provided a few of them.

Paper Pattern and Marking Scheme

Solving the previous years’ papers helps in understanding the question paper pattern and marking scheme of the exam. Students get well-versed with the number of questions asked under each section. Also, they get to know the marks distribution of the paper. Knowing this, students can accordingly prepare their strategies for the board exam.

Difficulty Level of Questions 

The paper for the ICSE board exam is set in such a way that some questions are of higher difficulty level, some are of moderate level, and some are easy. The overall paper is set in a doable format so that students neither find it much difficult nor easier. Questions are asked from the topics mentioned in ICSE Curriculum. To get a good idea about the level of questions asked in the ICSE board exam, students need to solve the previous years’ papers. By practising the past years’ papers, they will be able to make out which questions are tough and which one is easier and accordingly they can decide which one to attempt first during the board exam.

Assessing the Exam Preparation

If students will solve the past years’ paper, like a real paper, then it would help in analysing the current exam preparation. Suppose while solving the ICSE Question Paper 2017, students made some calculation mistakes in a few questions. When they evaluate the answer sheets by themselves, they will come across those mistakes. In such a way, they could be able to self assess their exam preparation. Only solving the questions paper will not help much. Students also need to find out their mistakes and work on them to improve their overall performance in the ICSE board exam. 

Time Management

Managing time during the exam is an important factor that impacts the scores of the students. If a student could not be able to finish the entire paper in the allocated time duration, then he/she will surely end up losing the marks. To avoid this, students must practice the previous years’ papers in the specified time, as mentioned in the paper. 

Analysing the Exam Trend and Changes Made in the Past Years

By solving the past years’ papers, students could be able to analyse the exam trend and changes that have been made over the years. Doing so will help them in making the strategies for the upcoming board exam. Also, they will be able to estimate what types of changes can be expected in the exam. 

We hope that after knowing the benefits of solving the previous years’ papers, students will leave no stone unturned in their exam preparation and will start solving the past years’ papers. We wish all the best to students for their board exams. 


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