The cost of rehab is one of the major concerns for the people who are seeking for an addiction treatment that they want. Luckily, most of the rehab centers will agree to take both private as well as public health insurance, which includes plans offered via blue cross blue shield drug rehab.

You should know that Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the large associations that are offering personalized healthcare coverage in every state. But people do not realize BCBS provides various options for paying for your treatment. Here is some of the coverage that the insurance plan under BCBS will cover –

  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Alcohol and Drug detox 
  • Intensive outpatient programs 
  • Outpatient programs 

Plans For Individual And Family 

BCBS will provide you various plans which are suitable for you as well as your family. Each plan offers different coverage levels. These plans might vary depending on the state you are residing in. The following are the plans which are offered by BCBS, and they are, 

  • With the Bronze plan, one can expect about 60% of rehab expenses coverage. It has a very low monthly fee. 
  • With the Silver plan, about 70% of the rehab expenses are covered. But the monthly fee will be high when compared to the bronze plan. 
  • The Gold plan will cover up to 80% of the rehab treatment expenses but has higher monthly fees. 
  • The Platinum plan will cover 90% of your rehab treatment cost. This plan has the most expensive payment when compared to other plans. 

Still, Feeling Overwhelmed? 

Are you feeling helpless about overcoming your alcohol and drug addiction? You should not waste your time hereafter and find out the best service provider who accepts BCBS. It will lower all your concerns about the treatment cost and helps you to focus on your healing and recovery. 

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