No matter how old you get, there will always be a time you need to buy something fancy for yourself. That item you will purchase can be something you can be proud to show off to others when you go out to an event or meet someone and also for your own enjoyment.

That is why if you are still hesitating to get something fancy, know that there is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself once in a while. After all, every hard work deserves a reward. So do yourself a favour and get yourself something fancy. Perhaps, a few mens designer bags?

Like any other bag, mens designer bags are useful—whether for fancy events or everyday use. That is why buying yourself a few would not be a bad choice since you will get the most out of it at the end of the day.

However, buying mens designer bagsfor the first time can be a daunting experience, especially if you have no idea about the latest news in the fashion industry. To guarantee you will get lost in your goal, we have listed the things you need to consider before buying yourself mens designer bags.

Waterproof Or Not?


To know which one you should get, consider asking yourself. Do you always carry something important? Be it a laptop or other mobile device—you can keep your things safe and sound inside mens designer bags since most of them have waterproofing features.

With this, even if it rains while you are on a walk and do not have an umbrella to protect yourself from getting wet, you can assure that your belongings will get damaged. No matter how unpredictable the weather becomes, you are ready to keep your things safely dry, all thanks to your waterproof mens designer bags.

Think About The Material Use

Another thing you need to consider is the material used for the mens designer bags. The textile it has will affect its practicality. After all, it does not make sense to choose a canvas mens clutch bag if you know that it will get damped when it rains or spills something where you put it.

That is why before buying your mens designer bags, you should be clear about how delicate fabrics would be, especially if you plan to use mens designer bags for everyday use like going from to the office.

Nevertheless, here are the types of materials you will encounter when you buy mens designer bags.

  • Leather – great options for almost any style of mens designer bag and has some water-resistant quality.
  • Canvas – not only it is much cheaper, but canvases are also durable and a great option for any style of mens designer bags.
  • Nylon – Due to its versatile quality, nylon has become a go-to choice for most mens designer bags.

Keep The Quality In Mind

When buying mens designer bags, you also have to watch for counterfeit items. You should know that even if they look exactly the same as the original brands, their quality can be bad. You will understand that mens designer bags have bad quality if they have loose threads, careless stitching, and misalign patterns.

Choose The Right Style

Besides the material used, the style of mens designer bags can also affect their practicality. If you buy mens messenger bags, you cannot exactly use them for outings due to lack of space. If you do so otherwise, expect them to look bulky and cause mishaps in your trips.

That is why when you buy mens designer bags, make sure to buy the right style for the right occasion. That is the only way you can get the most out of its practicality and make every penny worth it.

Here are the different style types of mens designer bags you can get from any fancy brand bag store.


1. Messenger Bags

The mens messenger bags, which are often made of canvas and worn over the shoulder, are now taking the urban fashion to a whole new level. From students to business mens, messenger bags exude a hint of uptown sophistication.

2. Totes

Another sophisticated but sleek style of mens designer bags is totes. Even though they are most used by women, mens love this type of shoulder bags due to its highly functional and multi-purpose attributes.

3. Clutch Bags

If totes are not your cup of tea, there is a mens clutch bag. It is a type of bag that you hold with your hands like a carrying tablet. Just make sure when you get this, you should keep your hands locked so you will drop it on the floor while carrying it.

Check The Return Policy

Like most things, knowing if you can return the item matters. That way, in case of any damage you can return it and replace it with something else. Therefore, before you check out your order, do not forget to read and check the return policy of your chosen shop.

Make sure to read each line through since some stores only allow their customers to return the items within certain days. After that given time frame, you may not be able to return the mens designer bags or ask for a replacement.

Usability Is The Key

Since mens designer bags are not that affordable, you should choose the one that will be more useful to you the most. That way, you will not regret buying a fancy item for yourself.

To know the usability of mens designer bags, you need to consider your lifestyle. From there, you can determine what you should get and can make the most out of your hard work money.


Every man needs mens designer bags. Not only can these show off the reward of their hard work but having men designer bags can help improve their fashion statement! So do yourself a favour by buying mens designer bags and follow the said tips. As such, you might find the right mens designer bags for your lifestyle!

Need more help choosing mens designer bags? Contact us, Louis Vuitton. We will give you a hand so you can choose the perfect mens designer bags for yourself!



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