Travelling can make you discover new things and even help you know more about yourself. As they say, you can’t turn back time, but you can always earn money. Young people are even encouraged to travel at least twice or thrice a year to gain more experience in life. It is because travelling can broaden your horizon and meet different people. Now, when you plan for your itinerary, consider a short term apartment rental because of the benefits you can get compared to booking a hotel room. 

Yes, you must travel more and experience what life can offer a person like you! Get to know other reasons why an apartment for rent in Singapore is suitable for travellers. 

1) It Can Be Cheaper Than Hotels

When exploring a mega city like Singapore, finding a cheap hotel can be difficult because there are plenty of five-star hotels. Now, you can cut your expenses by looking for a short term apartment rental because the fee is much cheaper. It applies to people under a tight budget yet wanting to explore more. 

2) 24/7 Security

Like hotels, a service apartment in SG is also safe 24/7. Since the country has a low crime rate, you wouldn’t worry about your safety. On top of those, most apartments have CCTV cameras and staff where you can ask for help when in need of something. They also have fire exits and other preventive measures during emergencies.

3) Immerse With the Locals

Hotels are more likely to cater to foreign travellers. However, an apartment for rent in Singapore for a short term can immerse you more in the locals since some apartments are located in small districts. You can discover more restaurants, communicate with the locals, and even experience their daily routines. 

4) More Freedom and Fewer Rules

Booking a hotel room can restrict you, especially if you stay in a five-star hotel. Unlike when you rent an apartment in Singapore, the room is all yours! You have more freedom to use kitchen equipment and other tools. 

5) Feels More Private 

Apartments also feel more private because it has an environment of being at home. The beds feel more comfortable, and there are kitchen tools you can use. The apartment also feels like a home because fewer guests go in and out of the lobby. 

Travel more and enjoy gaming new experiences with Great World Serviced Apartments, where you can find a short term apartment rental. Visit their website to book a room for your next trip.


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