To really be frank, Its surprised that this is still a topic of discussion. Everyone knows that TPE is much a good material for sex doll in the general market. It is porous cannot be completely cleaned, has a smoky smell that irritates the eyes, and in some persons causes allergic reactions such as an itching rash. Many people simply feel for the TPE because they were the first affordable sex dolls, I understand after reading the thoughts of numerous people. But first, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of TPE over silicone dolls.

Just specify comfort level before making purchases.

The following are some of the benefits of purchasing TPE sex doll.

  • Cheaper in price

This used to be a key consideration, but today silicone dolls are practically all in the same price range.

  • Soft and very flexible

The second best reason in the past was that it was softer and more flexible. The silicone has been less squishy and softer. That, too, has altered.  Dolls have the same softness as TPE dolls without the disadvantages of TPE.

  • Better Heads and the Bodies

TPE offers a significantly larger selection of heads and bodies for female sex doll, simply because it has been around for a long time. It’s far easier to find a sex doll that fits you than it is to find one made of silicone.

Now let us discuss the disadvantages of it

  • Allergies and an obnoxious odor

TPE will irritate skin, emit a foul odor that may irritate the eyes, and occasionally oil spills out.

  • Delicate material with a short shelf life

Many difficulties with the TPE finger wires have been reported. With silicone, however, this is not the case. TPE requires the removal of any jewellery, sharp items, and even fingernails. Also, the dolls are hefty, and it’s difficult to avoid tripping over them. Fingers that have been broken are fairly common. TPE doll skin is also prone to discoloration, so be cautious while handling clothes or dust.

  • Its porous

TPE is porous, making sterilizing difficult. Mold and germs flourish in this environment.

  • Attraction

TPE attract mould easily and thus liquid splash will get sticky on it.

  • Heat sensitivity

TPE should not be taken in a hot bath or left wrapped in an electric blanket. TPE is combustible and would melt in a fire like candle wax. Keep an eye on the temperature.

Now let us discuss about the issues with silicon dolls

Because TPE silicone repels water, it requires less maintenance and is less prone to mould. The material is forgiving when it comes to hygiene. Furthermore, unlike TPE, silicone repels dirt rather than absorbing it, like Starpery Doll.

It has an indefinite shelf life and can be used because it sterilizes silicone, allowing for the purchase or sale of used items. Silicone is unbreakable, and cracks may be mended.

Less Cute: The silicone sex doll is simply more sturdy and forgiving. You can strike it, it won’t stain readily, and mould won’t grow on it.

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