Wood flooring in Singapore is a traditional look that has gone beyond centuries of style. It’s all-natural, environmentally friendly, and exceptionally sturdy. It is no wonder people have been building wood flooring for ages.

Wood is one of the most sustainable floorings covering options around. It’s the only one that is eco-friendly. A strong wood floor could last hundreds of years. A lot of other floorings are designed to be non-reusable.

At one time, picking wood flooring products was uncomplicated. Everything was made from solid wood. The only choices were varieties and the way the timber was reduced to produce slabs. Nowadays, there are a frustrating number of options to sort with. While solid materials are still a prominent selection, there is additionally engineered wood, reclaimed timber, and different materials that appear like timber.


What are some of the most common materials for wood flooring?

Strong solid wood

The original choice for wood flooring is a strong solid wood, and it is precisely what it sounds like. The solid wood material is made of timber inside out, with its whole thickness. It can usually be redecorated several times during its service life.

While the typical thickness of solid timber is three-quarters of a traditional inch, some planks are sawn in 3 various ways. A flat-sawn is the most commonly utilised and presents extra natural varieties than the other two techniques. Quarter-sawn calls for a log to be cut into a quarter before strips are produced, while a rift-sawn is made by reducing logs at an angle for removing those all-natural flecking elements. If you own a rift-sawn flooring, that is a straight grain one. You are using much less timber out of the tree; as a result, there’s a whole lot of even more waste, so the rate of that would be a lot more pricey. It’s additionally substantial to note that wide slabs tend to set you back more.

After that, there’s the decision to make between prefinished and onsite-finished floorings. Prefinished ones are coated by the manufacturer, while the site-finished floor covering means the material is mounted raw and completed on-site. Prefinished wood flooring is most likely to be more costly than on site-finished flooring for the material itself; nevertheless, completion individuals are going to pay even more to own a site-finished flooring that ends up on-site. For some people, a prefinished floor is a lot more appealing since it’s convenient. It is prepared to be used right away once it is installed. However, the location where the planks fulfil is then unfinished, and possibly extra prone to damages. Others favour site-finished floors due to the liberty to choose the coating and because the room where the planks meet is completed throughout the procedure.

The surrounding environment is one more important element to consider when opting for strong wood material. It’s everything about the setting when it concerns stability. When you mount a wood floor, you do need to understand what is going on in your home. Solid wood can respond significantly to temperature. When it’s moist, solid wood broadens. When it’s completely dry, strong timber contracts. Its swelling and diminishing can create gaps in between planks with time. It is essential to study and get in touch with specialists about the specific location before installing strong timber floors.

Eventually, tons of people choose as well as love strong timber. Many people would look at solid timber as the better option for their wooden flooring in Singapore. They’ll invest much more on solid flooring than they would certainly on an engineered product that is comparable size, colour, coating, as well as quality even if it’s solid and also it’s actual.

Engineered and enhanced wood

There are great deals of misinformation out there regarding crafted timber, as well as we’re right here to remove it up. Engineered timber is anything genuine wood wear layer, which implies the leading surface area is genuine timber. It can have different buildings. It can be plywood completely through or it could be a composite item on the bottom side.

The significant discrepancies relate to the leading layer of strong timber, which is referred to as a wear layer. There are also engineered cost-effective wood flooring. There are also crafted flooring that is at least 20-30 dollars plus per square foot; all are top quality. They are cut in broad planks, with lengthy sizes. They’re very high-end, customised items that would certainly be comparable to a comparable strong wood product of a similar size.

A lot of the market sells crafted floors with a one-millimetre wear layer that cannot be sanded and refinished. That product resembles carpet, you toss it away after 7 to 10 years. It’s a less costly product than solidwood flooring.

There’s a misunderstanding that engineered floor covering is always more affordable than solid wood material.

So why would you use crafted timber instead of solid timber if they are equivalent in the rate? The reason to opt for crafted is security. In a differing environment, where the floor would certainly be subjected to humidity in the summer season. Engineered wood flooring in Singapore is generally most likely to perform a lot more consistently from period to season. Spaces like basements that have extreme variation in temperature are suitable candidates for engineered timber.


While it’s still strong wood, recovered timber is a distinctive and special product deserving of its very own category. Reclaimed could be anything that has been utilised more than once. Vintage recovered comes from vintage structures that go at least a century.

Antique recovered wood is much more costly than various other wood floor covering alternatives. Often, it can set you back double the cost of brand-new strong timber. Among the reasons reclaimed timber is extra costly, is you are getting antique items. The second huge reason is the terrific quantity of labour that enters into the procedure. The timber likewise has a more lovely grain and tighter development rings.

Vintagewood flooring is extra costly than brand-new timber due to the labour that is involved and also the rarity of the item. It’s becoming more challenging to get these old buildings and recycle the lumber, so there is a much bigger cost when doing that.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of redeemed timber is sustainability. Any person that is interested and also serious regarding sustainability ought to consider reclaimed timber.

Alternative Options

The difficulty today exists are items that appear like genuine wood, yet they’re not. They’re simply a photo of wood ahead.

Laminate is layers of fiberboard as well as melamine resin with a false image of wood grain ahead. It is covered with a clear safety layer that makes it incredibly resilient. Vinyl wood flooring, which is additionally known for longevity, is a synthetic material made to appear like timber. A few of them look good, yet others are faker as well as plastic-looking. The greatest marketing factor for both is that they are substantially cheaper than real timber.

LVT items get on a transparent rise in the flooring sector currently because they do appear like hardwood floors. You could spill on them and hose them down since they’re 100% waterproof. Well, that’s exactly how they promote them. If any water or moisture gets underneath, you are still required to take apart that flooring because you do not desire mildew growing. So make sure you get a reliable vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore to get the job done.



What are the Important Benefits of Wood Flooring?

Whether you’re a designer aiming to refurbish a home or a homeowner looking around for your next living-room floor, timber and wood floor covering is always a trustworthy choice. We have put together nine excellent advantages of wood flooring to persuade you in the direction of selecting either engineered or strong wood flooring from us:

Speedy instalment for seasoned professionals

Engineered wooden flooring Singapore uses the same quick installation advantages of laminate floor covering, with the genuine appearance and appeal of real timber flooring. Engineered floorings could be found in a selection providing ease of installation, which then provides a sensational, expert, and steady surface to your project flooring.

If you are considering strong timber flooring, please guarantee that you make use of an expert installer if you have never done it previously.

Easy to clean and maintain

Genuine timber and engineered wood floorings are a fantastic choice for individuals who have been living with pressured lives, as they are fairly very easy to clean and maintain. It is equivalent to carpeting, as they do not gather dirt, dust, and debris. Similarly, it could also merely be wiped tidy.


The finished look is unsurpassable

We assume that one key advantage of wood flooring is its finished appearance. The aesthetic top quality of a timber floor is unmistakable; hardwood floorings use all the warmth, appeal, and an excellent all-natural look of wood that is timeless and elegant. Genuine hardwood floorings produce an illusion of spaciousness in any area that they feature in.

Wood floor covering endures

Wood flooringwould stand any test of time and supply a high-quality floor that will certainly last for several years ahead if correctly mounted and preserved. Wood floors can withstand the rigours of day-to-day living. Whilst maintaining their great appearances throughout their life expectancy.

A terrific long-term investment

Purchasing wood floorings whether it be engineered floor covering or solid timber flooring could pay dividends by boosting the overall price value of the property. Usually, the enhanced worth of the residential property exceeds the investment made in the item and instalment expenses. An actual wood flooring ends up being a solid selling factor if you decide to move soon, which could help your home market more quickly.

There is a wide variety of wood floor covering kinds

Timber flooring is a highly functional and varied flooring choice, usually offered in a variety of shades, tones, surfaces and dimensions to fit whatever look you could be intending to attain. A great collection consists of oak and maple floors. Which can be found in a range of spots from fashionable grey wood floorings to advanced cosy dark oak floor covering. Regardless of how varied your demands, there are timber flooring choices offered by a reliable flooring supplier in Singapore; you only have to ask for guidance.

Better features than laminate or carpet flooring

With the appropriate sub-floor preparation and correct instalment, an engineered or solid timber flooring will never offer you hollow appearing clunk associated with laminate floor.

Lesser for pollens allergy victims

Unlike carpetings, timber floor covering has no surface area fibres to catch dirt, dirt and pollen, or various other potential irritants. As such these kinds of floorings provide a healthier option for your space. Also, they are most definitely the best floor covering type for allergic reaction victims and those with a level of sensitivity to airborne microparticles.

Ageless aesthetic appeals

As carpetings and laminated flooring begin to look worn after a time, your wood flooring in Singapore would continue to look its finest. Just like a fine wine, it could even look better and enhanced with age. Wood floors commonly rise in value as they smooth and also establish their specific personality. You would need to properly keep this timber flooring to maintain it. Looking like it potentially can, but additionally, keep in mind that wood flooring could also be redecorated and refurbished when you consider it essential. You don’t need to do a flooring overhaul for your home with wood flooring.

Final-wordsFinal words

There is a reason why wood flooring has been transcending times, along with marble and slab flooring. Although there are new flooring materials, homeowners and interior designers could utilise, such as tiles and carpeting. Wood flooring undoubtedly offers the best of all those things. From the cosy feel, you get with carpet. To the low upkeep maintenance you have with tile flooring, and the aesthetic appeal a marble stone flooring could offer. Wood flooring has the whole package. The comfort, the class, and the cost-effectiveness, what else could you hope for? So, if you have any misconceptions about wood flooring from the way pop culture portrays it, we hope this article was able to enlighten you.

If you are looking for a flooring supplier in Singapore, visit this website now and get started!

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