When it comes to prepping,  water is a very important resource that many preppers overlook, or underestimate. I began to think about this when watching something on TV recently. In the show, they were talking about how some people were adding bleach to their bathtub in order to purify drinking water for later use in an emergency situation. On the one hand, it makes sense because chlorine does kill bacteria and viruses in the water, but I just couldn’t help but wonder if there was another way to disinfect drinking water without adding potentially harmful chemicals into your well or stream.  This idea is what led me to AquaBare.

Water is necessary for life! Without it you won’t make it more than 3 days…

So instead of simply thinking of ways to store more water, why don’t we take a moment and start thinking about how we could purify the water we have on hand.

It’s kind of ironic, but rain water might be the easiest to purify. If you have a tarp or something similar you can rig up something that will funnel the water into a container. If not, just punch some holes in a garbage bag and place it under your downspout when it rains.  While it is likely safe to drink this water immediately after it is captured, there are a lot of contaminants that could build up on your collection rig which can seep into the water.  Just think of all the birds and insects that can get into the higher levels of the collection device.

When it comes to purification for preppers, gravity fed systems like an AquaBare are the way to go.  They require no electricity and  can be placed off the grid so you don’t have to rely on finding purified water anywhere.  The systems are easy to transport and can be set up very quickly.   Water can be stored indefinitely in these systems provided they are kept out of sunlight, remarkably close to freezing temperatures.  If you are planning on staying put in the event of a disaster then you could invest in water storage tanks you can fill with the purified water from your AquaBare.   Water is the essence of life and we all know it’s not a matter of if something will happen but when. When it comes down to it, hydration is our number one priority and anything that can help us get that vital resource into our bodies is worth its weight in gold.

Distilling is another option, but unless you’re planning on melting ice in one big pot or running your still inside all day long during an emergency situation it probably won’t do much good unless you have at least a few hundred gallons in storage.

As long as you’re able to get water into your body regularly…you’ll be fine. It’s when you let yourself get dehydrated for an extended period of time that things become life threatening.

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