Cash on delivery is the most preferred way to make payments. This is because people have been making cash payments for a long time and hence the cash on delivery option seems more reliable to them. Though one could always make payments through credit/debit card, bank transfer, cryptocurrency, and various other means but the conventional way did not lose its hold yet.

Most people opt for cash on delivery option while shopping online. There are several reasons for this. Some of them have been laid out in the section below. Go through the same to get clarity on the reasons behind such belief.

  • No online fraud: When you are shopping online, there are chances of fraud and scams. So, however reliable the website is if there is even a slight chance of the scam then people do not find it convenient to take risks. Henceforth most people prefer cash on delivery to be the safest means to shop online.
  • Flexible and convenient: In addition, cash payment is no doubt convenient and flexible. You can buy the product and pay via cash only when you receive your product. Well, if you are not well equipped with the technology or if you do not have a bank account then cash on delivery is strongly recommended for you.
  • Reliability: Furthermore, the conventional way of making payments for shopping outfit is indeed the most reliable way to make payments. One will not face any difficulty while paying offline. Even if you have a bit of doubt regarding the online payment, you could always choose cash on delivery. It is best as you have to make payment only when you receive your outfits.
  • Familiarity with the cash payments: In conclusion, cash on delivery is also preferred because people are already aware of the process. Online payments are quite new to most and hence paying through cash is a much better option for them.

Online shopping can indeed be done offline by paying through cash on delivery. Well, you get all the advantages without compromising on either the quality of service or the quality of the outfits. So, now you tell why exactly one should not shop online?

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