The human body can survive three weeks without food, three days without water, but it can never get past three minutes without air. If you are not a free diver, you can only go underwater for a short time or else you will pass out. Without air in your lungs, your normal bodily functions cease. Hence, it is a must that you always breathe.

However, what if your ears, nose, and throat or ENT specialist in Singapore told you that your nose compromises your ability to breathe? Should you resort to mouth breathing? Well, if you do not want to always have bad breath or experience gum inflammation, you should seek healthcare professionals to help you find a solution to your breathing problems.

An ENT specialist can give you various treatments for your difficulty breathing. One of them is undergoing a rhinoplasty. Yes, the cosmetic procedure that can reshape your nose to get a desirable look. Not everyone knows it, but it helps with good breathing!


The Importance of Good Breathing

Your body relies on oxygen. From cognitive abilities to digestion, effective breathing can provide you with better sleep, mental clarity, and effective food digestion. Any ENT doctor in Singapore could tell if you are not breathing well, especially if it is caused by a nasal problem.

What would they tell you about good breathing? Here is what they want you to know:


It brings you energy

Everyone has cells in the body that constantly needs a new supply of oxygen so they can produce energy. With shallow breathing, you are unable to deliver oxygen to all the cells that need them. Therefore, you should know how to practise good breathing techniques. Sometimes, it is as easy as sitting properly!

Get rid of carbon dioxide

When your body is done converting oxygen into energy, it produces waste products. One of the main ones is carbon dioxide. In school, you were taught that it is a bad type of gas. It is true, so you have to get rid of it. How? Exhaling! Breathing out helps your body get rid of it so you do not have toxins in your body that can damage vital functions when they overstay.

An ENT doctor from Mount Elizabeth in Singapore found that patients do not know about this. It is why they always get patients with snoring problems and shortness of breath. What they recommend are mindful breathing and consistent treatment. 

Prevent hyperventilation

No one likes having hyperventilation attacks. Often, it happens when you take rapid breaths that decreases the blood flow to the brain and a rise in your blood’s pH levels. Hyperventilation can give you serious effects if not treated, such as spasms and the inability to control your emotions. 

Strengthen the lungs

You do not want to live a life dragging an oxygen tank everywhere you go because of your weak lungs. If you want to keep your lungs strong and healthy, you should practise good breathing. An ENT specialist in Singapore may give you tips, especially if you are asthmatic.

Control emotions

Exhibiting psychological reactions to stressful situations, such as anger can cloud your mind and do something you do not want to do. Thankfully, there are natural ways you can deal with this. It is through good control breathing. It helps you control your emotions so you can react appropriately.

These are only a few of the benefits of having good control of your breathing. However, not everyone can do it because they may have nasal problems. Thankfully, there is a solution for that, which is getting a rhinoplasty in Singapore



People Who are Eligible to Get a Rhinoplasty

Your nose is a prominent feature of your face. Aside from being a focal point of your face, it also performs an important function–to let you breathe. With rhinoplasty, patients are not only paying for any body part to be altered, they are also paying to change or improve their sensory organ. 

Yes, your ENT doctor in Singapore can recommend rhinoplasty to their patients as treatment. You may think that this is the solution to your breathing problems, but are you eligible to get one? Here are the people who can get a rhinoplasty:


You experienced nasal trauma

More often than anyone might think, rhinoplasty is commonly performed to repair or reconstruct nasal damage after an injury. These types of incidents can permanently change the shape and contour of one’s nose, thus affecting their ability to breathe properly.

Nasal injuries come in many forms that may require rhinoplasty treatment in Singapore. It includes breakage, airway restrictions, repeated damage, and blood clots. If you have experienced one of these, you will likely get a recommendation to get this cosmetic treatment.

You have a crooked nose ever since

Your nose has a nasal septum. It is a thin inner wall of bone and cartilage that separates your right and left nasal passages or cavities. Essentially, it gives your nose equal space to get equal air for both nostrils. However, there are cases when one’s nasal septum is crooked.

If you do not see your crooked nose as an imperfection, good for you, but an ENT doctor in Singapore will tell you about its negative effects. It includes frequent nosebleeds and headaches. If you already experience these, you should get a rhinoplasty under their recommendation.

You have a recurring sinusitis

When treating sinus infection, the first course of action, of course, is less invasive treatments. Your doctor will try rinsing your nasal cavities first or prescribe antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria that has caused it. However, when sinus problems persist, it is only the time your doctor will prescribe cosmetic surgery.

Rhinoplasty in Singapore is an effective option to correct a bump or divot on the bridge. Correcting the nasal tip is part of the rhinoplasty process. Some would recommend a combination of surgeries, specifically septoplasty and rhinoplasty. While it has benefits, you should only get it if your doctor claims it would help you.

You have acquired nasal problems after a rhinoplasty

All surgeries have risks. It is especially true when you underwent a rhinoplasty with a surgeon who is not certified. When it comes to surgeries like these, you should not compromise for something cheap. Remember that it will have consequences.

The complications from a recent rhinoplasty are not easily fixable. Of course, you will need the help of an experienced ENT specialist in Singapore to correct the mistakes in your recent surgery. Some have developed damaged nasal tissues that caused breathing problems. When this happens, you might need to undergo another surgery to fix the structure of your nose.

You are healthy enough to get one

Doctors ensure that their patients are in optimal health to handle surgery. As the day of your surgery gets near, your doctor will monitor your health religiously. It means you need to maintain good vitals to let your doctor know that your body can handle such surgery.

When it comes to getting a rhinoplasty, you should not do anything that triggers your nasal problems. What does this mean? You avoid anything that triggers your nasal congestion and sinus infection as much as possible. Usually, what helps is being in a room with an air purifier and, essentially, avoiding any room with allergens circulating in the air.

From the get-go, you should never get a rhinoplasty from a surgeon who is not licensed to perform one. If you do not want to get new breathing problems, you should only seek a certified ENT surgeon. They will ensure your safety and a successful operation. To know what is supposed to happen in rhinoplasty in Singapore, read further!


What to Do When You are Getting a Rhinoplasty?

Any person would be nervous to undergo surgery. For a delicate body part, such as the nose, you might already be thinking of scenarios that may go wrong. What should you do to relieve yourself from these worries and anxieties? Research!

Once you have found a good clinic, such as the ENT doctor in a clinic in Mount Elizabeth in Singapore, you can do your best to prepare for it. To help you out, here are some of what you can expect on your surgery day.

Before treatment

There is a consultation period for these types of surgeries. In this time, you will be discussing in-depth your medical history, allergies, medications you take, among others. When discussing these, you should be with a certified ENT doctor. 

You must free up a whole day when you are getting a rhinoplasty in Singapore. Getting more than seven hours of sleep the day before is ideal. While the operation may last for one to two hours, the preparation will take hours as well. Before they start, you will be given anaesthesia. 



During surgery

Once you are under, the surgeon will proceed to lift the skin of your nose to access the bones and cartilage underneath. With these, they will sculpt it into the desired shape. Whether you need them to reverse the damage of a nasal injury or reduce its size, they will do so.

When approaching an ENT specialist in Singapore, you should ensure that they can also perform surgery like rhinoplasty. Not only will it save you time to search for another one who can, but you are also secured to know that your surgeon is someone who has known your nasal problems for a long time. 


After surgery

Of course, like any surgical procedure, there is an aftercare process. Once the skin of your nose covers the new structure, incisions will be made. Splints will also be placed and other supports that will help your nose get accustomed to the new formation. Essentially, these will help protect it from any harm.

You will experience discomfort. However, it is nothing that cannot be managed. Let your ENT doctor in Singapore know what you feel so they can prescribe you appropriate medication, such as antibiotics, saline nose spray, or OTC medicines. 

Important note: Swelling is also common, and it can last a few months. Most patients recover after one to two weeks, but certain activities may be prohibited for long. It is, of course, necessary to aid in the complete healing of your new nose. 

What to Remember When Getting a Rhinoplasty?

When it comes to your health, you should never compromise. Therefore, when you are getting a rhinoplasty in Singapore, there are some things you should remember:


1. Have the budget

Prioritising your health should not put you in debt. Before you go and schedule a rhinoplasty, ensure that the clinic accepts multiple payment options. Go for it when your health insurance can cover it!

2. Commit to the post-op care

Complications can happen, but you should not blame the ENT doctor in Singapore when you cannot commit to the post-operative care of your surgery. Follow the process if you want to avoid another surgery.

3. Only get it from a reliable surgeon

With the existence of the black market on the internet, you might find yourself booking a rhinoplasty from a non-certified surgeon. Do not go for them even if they charge cheaply. Only seek the surgery from a licensed and certified ENT surgeon!


Your Rhinoplasty Surgery from ENT Surgeons

Reversing the damage done to your nose is a serious matter. When it comes to getting a rhinoplasty, you should only entrust yourself to a surgeon who knows how to do it right. For guaranteed success, seek the reliable specialists of ENT Surgeons.

Dr Dennis Chua, an ENT doctor in the Mount Elizabeth branch of ENT surgeons, has acquired training and years of experience in helping patients with sinus and other nasal problems. They are board-certified otolaryngologists with in-depth knowledge of functional facial plastic surgery and nasal and sinus treatments. Rest assured that you will improve the functionality of your nose as well as its aesthetics!

To book an appointment for a consultation, you should visit their website to get their contact information. Wait for the confirmation of your consultation. Contact them today to reserve a slot!

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