Flowers are often presented to celebrate a person’s birth month, and certain ones are more often associated with each month. The rose is the official June birth flower. June’s birthstone is the rose, and its history and customs are just as interesting as the month itself. The history of this custom is shrouded in folklore and mystery. Love party was first celebrated publicly in Roman times, and it is possible that flowers associated with certain months, like the rose, had their roots in that era as well. Guests at a Roman party would bring presents and valentine’s day flowers from their loved ones. The early June Birth Flower customs featured gemstone jewelry like pearls and flowers.

Translations from Flowers

The Victorian era, a time of extreme conservatism, saw the birth of the floral language. In Victorian times, when public displays of affection were frowned upon, people were severely hampered by the laws of decorum. Arose was the so-called “Language of Flowers” when certain flowers, like the Rose, came to symbolize particular meanings. Then, a couple may give each other flowers with secret meanings. To many, the rose represents love and beauty, which is why it is the June birth flower. Victorian roses’ secret messages varied by color:

  • Express your feelings using the color red
  • To the White Woman: I Deserve You
  • Orange, you are my undying love
  • White: You’ve reached the heights of perfection
  • Yellow: I don’t deserve your affection
  • To each other, we belong together like white and red
  • Pink Means, Believe Me, Pls

Occasion Flowers Based on Birth Month

Gifts of flowers that correspond to a person’s birth month are a traditional part of many cultures’ celebration rituals. Roses, the traditional flower for welcoming a new baby, are also often used in bridal bouquets and other arrangements of wedding flowers. 

The rose, a June birth flower, is also a popular gift for other occasions throughout the year, particularly around the holidays. When you learn the symbolism behind the June Birth Bloom, you may better appreciate their beauty. The Rose, June’s Birth Flower, is ideal to present during the following events:

  • During June, we celebrate D-Day on June 6 and Father’s Day on the third Sunday.
  • This is what the rose is defined as Roses are the flowers and shrubs of the genus Rosa, which includes many different species. 
  • The phrases “genus name” and “species descriptor” are combined to create a floral species’ scientific name. Among the various varieties of roses are the Rosa canina, or dog rose; the Briar Bush; the Rosa gallica, or French Rose; and the Rosa virginiana, or Virginia Rose.
  • In Syria, roses have long been a part of the local flora. But although white Damask roses get all the attention, other colors exist, too. Wild roses come in over a hundred different varieties. 
  • The name “Rose” comes from the Etruscan version of the Greek name “Rhodian,” which was rosa in Latin. White On White Rose online shopping page has several options and flower guides. Visit White On White for related content and online flower ordering.
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