Pre-construction inspection is essential for several reasons. The first and most important reason is that inspection brings out potential faults and confirms the structural strength of sites. Hiring a firm like Galloway engineering and architecture in Denver to inspect your proposed site will save financial and other resources.

As with everything in construction, timing is quintessential when looking to perform forensic activities on a site. Thus, if you are inviting a structural engineer to inspect your site, you have to do it at the right time.

What Factors Determine the Timing of Inspection?

While there is really no wrong time to conduct a site evaluation, there could be a better time. Two factors influence the best timing for it. These factors are:

  1. Weather and climatic conditions: On conducting inspection activities, seasonal consideration tops the chart of the most imperative factors. For most projects, it is best to perform inspections during the rainy season when water conditions are at peak levels. That gives the engineer the best understanding of the site and guides the decisions regarding the project. The impact of seasons greatly determines if the project will be executed and what precautions would be taken.
  2. Availability of site inspectors: Engineers in firms like Galloway engineering and architecture in Denver are always on hand to carry out site inspections for clients.

How to Prepare for Site Inspection

Upon contacting Galloway engineering and architecture in Denver for site inspection, you have little to do before or during the inspection.

  1. Prepare the appropriate documents: If a permit before the inspection can be done, it is best to get a copy of it. Other documents include soil and topography reports (not compulsory, but great if you have them), land documents, and the proposed plan.
  2. If you would accompany the engineers to the site, remember to put on safety equipment, including a helmet and safety boots.
  3. Remember that site inspection is done to ascertain the safety of a project. Give the engineers the complete idea and what you expect the building to be like. This information will help them to make certain decisions.

If you have not had a site inspection, you are risking the safety of your project along with the lives of workers and the public. Some land defects are not apparent during construction and may only come to the open during pre-construction inspection. Get a structural engineer to inspect your site today!

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