In this article, what are some new denim styles which you have to try after the removal of skinny jeans fashion? Also, we will discuss the earlier trend of denim jeans in the fashion market.

What is the trend of denim jeans in the fashion market?

The first-ever jeans which were created were back in the 80s and were worn by the men who go to work in mines. This was not a fashion but was the uniform which all workers had to wear when they work. They first used to wear trousers which would get torn easily, and they did not have money to afford more.

So Loeb Strauss, a German businessman and owner of Levi’s, made the first-ever jeans. This was made from tough materials and also had cotton, which can make them smooth and breathable. This means that they can wear these jeans to work, and the cotton will provide some breathing space.

Then after this, jeans became a trend as was worn by many people in the late 1980s. There was the invention of the new ripped jeans in the later 1890s by Loeb Strauss. This became a trend, and most people had these jeans stored in their wardrobe.

After some years, this ripped jeans trend had also died in the market. Then in the mid-90s came the trend of wearing skinny jeans and also other kinds of jeans. Many people think that skinny jeans are skin-tight and revealing, so they try to avoid them as much as they can. But many people wear them more occasionally and like how they fit and look on different clothes.

Then there was the creation of the split jeans in the late 90s, which got most popular. These were normal jeans but had a split made near the ending of its legs section.

What are new denim styles to try after the removal of skinny jeans?

Here is a list of new denim styles to try out after the removal of skinny jeans.

  •  Upcycled jeans

These were the recycled jeans which you can find in the market and were easy to make. Here you can add patches, and you have to reduce the length of the jeans and give them a new bright colour.

  •  Super baggy jeans

These jeans were given the name of comfort jeans as they were the most comfortable to wear. This is because they were loose to wear for anyone because of their baggy structure.

  •  Neutral and natural jeans

These are just the normal jeans that you can find, but they are dyed naturally. You can style these jeans with any kind of shirt, a T-shirt or even a jacket.

  •  Split jeans

These are the jeans that have the small split near the ending where the legs come. These jeans go well on a button-down shirt and also a plain white T-shirt or a printed one. You can also wear heels or even boots, whichever you like underneath these jeans.

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