In a wedding ceremony, there are several factors that play a very important role but the venue is one important factor that is more important than anything else. For guests as well as for the couple, the venue is the place that helps to highlight the wedding and make it more special. If you want to keep your wedding memorable then choosing the right venue will add starts to it.

Who doesn’t know about San Antonio, it is a beautiful place located in the hills of the city. It’s a lovely place and has eye-soothing scenarios. The most important thing is this is a very famous place for wedding ceremonies. San Antonio has a big list of venues that can fit in both low-budget and high-budget wedding ceremonies but it’s quite a task to find wedding venues San Antonio.

Near San Antonio, there are few small towns that have more beautiful views along with the wedding venues. So if you want a more accurate view then you can visit there. Let us look at a list of wedding venues that are situated in San Antonio.

The Gardens of Cranes bury view

This is the very first venue located in Antonio, this is a gorgeous place with the theme of a garden. If you are a greenery fan and want a good atmosphere around you then this is the perfect place. Do not worry about the services, the venue is designed mainly for this kind of event, so you will get services with this venue.  Along with the services you don’t need to worry about chairs and tables in their services these are included.

The Ivy Hall

If you want your wedding venue in a closed space and in a decent hall then Ivy Hall is a perfect choice for your wedding. The venue is just a few kilometers away from the river king and is a renovated warehouse that gives a look at the ship. The hall is usually designed for wedding ceremonies and has the capacity to attend at least 350 guests at a time.

The Oak at Boerne

An outdoor wedding is always special as it gives a wonderful environment and this venue has a maximum and enough rooms. This 110 acres venue is enough to conduct a wedding and to hold your guests, the venue has a big oak tree which creates a good look as well as creates a good location for a wedding as well as for photography. The outdoor venue gives a beautiful and eye-soothing scenario.

The preserve at Canyon lake

In San Antonio, you will find venues that are mostly located near natural resources. This venue is also one of them which is located near Canyon Lake, a beautiful place. Consist of a capacity to contain almost 300 guests, not only this it also includes all the services like catering, bar, decoration. So, at a wedding, you only need to book the venue and that’s all, all other things will be taken care of.

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