Have you been thinking of buying new mattresses this season? Winters can be chilling in Canada and there are many families in need of a mattress just like you. However, not everyone can afford a new mattress. The best way to perform a good deed this Christmas is by donating your used or old mattress to the needy. Another way is to be kind and noble to the environment by seeking out the several benefits of mattress recycling.

Other than Recyc-Matelas mattress removal services, several companies are running awareness programs to prevent landfills from mattresses and protect the environment. Being ignorant or irresponsible will only affect us in the short run. Think of the waste in the landfills through these old mattresses that are still waiting for an action by the local Government? We have a list of advantages to discuss on mattress recycling…

Top 5 merits of mattress recycling:

  1. The materials extracted by old mattress can be used to manufacture new products. Most countries have realised the importance of recycling and how these can help circulate the overall economy. For instance, metal, wood, and foam are the byproducts that can be extracted from old mattresses and recycled to make new stuff.
  2. Old mattresses can get you the best recycled products. Instead of stuffing your wardrobe with the old stuff and occupying the space, you may release these to the recycling companies and bring new mattress this season at great offers.
  3. Many stores and shops also release offers where you can sell your old mattress in exchange of a new one at a good price. If this deal looks appealing to you, find out more from your local stores where you can grab this offer. Also check out the deals on refurbished mattresses or you may miss something amazing to take home.
  4. Recycling mattresses offer lots of job opportunities to people. Even in a wintery location like Canada, several companies and stores put up ads for working opportunities. Recycling process is vast for mattresses and staff is regularly needed for the same.
  5. Mattress recycling has other health benefits. Old mattresses in your wardrobe may be a breeding ground for allergens, dust mites, etc… Mattress recycling helps prevent allergic health issues like asthma, and other respiratory disorders that are highly common in kids, pets, and elder citizens.

Recyc-Matelas mattress removal services can be contacted for faster results.

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