I am running late!

Oh! I lack my circle of relatives and social existence due to my work life!

These are the familiar sentences for every full-time worker. Time management has become an absolute necessity for each man or woman to stabilize his work, personal and social life. Without which it becomes very stressful to reach the happiness of life. And stress, as we all know, permits various diseases to enter our bodies and lives. Time management tips for full-time workers include setting daily reminders, creating planners, and a time-limited to-do list to help manage time. Pomodoro avails oneself of reality appropriately to make your existence easy and balanced.

What Is Pomodoro?

Pomodoro is one of the time management techniques that facilitate you to form a stress-free work-life balance. It’s one of the most straightforward time management tips for a full-time worker. It teaches you the importance of balancing the importance of a balanced life, and its process leads you to conceive a stress-free life for yourself and your family.

The Process

Following this technique is a straightforward process. Confirm you follow every single step religiously.

Registering tasks for the day, it is the primary step of the Pomodoro technique. Make a checklist of a piece of work you need to finish in a day. Make sure while creating a to-do list, you prioritize the critical tasks.

Set A 25-Minute Timer

Allocate 25 mins timer for each work allocated. Attempt to complete the determined work in 25 minutes. You can additionally change the operating time. However, make sure you finish your work within this period.

Just Focus Only On Your Work Until The Timer Goes Off

Within those 25 minutes, focus only on your task taken. Do not get diverted by phone calls (unless urgent), friends, and different things. This system will work if you focus on work.

After The Preliminary Round, Take 10-15 Minutes To Rest.

Consider those 25 minutes you as round 1. Take 10-15 minutes’ break succeeding round 1. It will inspire you to work further.

Take A 20-30 Minute Break After Four Rounds.

Similarly, work for over four to five rounds and then take a 20-30 minutes break. During this break, do whatever you want.

Pomodoro technique is an impressive time management tip for the full-time worker (เทคนิคบริหารเวลาในการทำงาน, which is a term in Thai) as it stipulates with the following benefits:

  • Improves Work Concentration
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Increases Speed
  • Rest Time Prevents Office Syndrome
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