When one is considered old enough to start dating, there is no set age. The person’s maturity level will determine everything. According to others, 15 is a suitable age for girls and perhaps 17 for boys because boys mature later. Others could counter that the ideal age is 18 and up. One thing is sure, though: dating at 12 or 13 is simply too young since it takes away from the time when you should be enjoying your childhood. Dating too young has a lot of additional drawbacks as well.

  • Establishing an Adult Identity Is Hard

It may sound cliche, but it’s true: before deciding to share your life with someone else, you must first come to know and love yourself. And while you’re a young child, your personality is still developing. Therefore you haven’t yet discovered your genuine identity. Because you are both still getting to know one another, dating as a young person may not be the healthiest of partnerships. You can still be lost as an adult if you spend all your time with someone because it hinders you from discovering who you are.

  • Possibly Unable To Maintain A Job

If you were the person who allowed relationship issues to influence you when you were younger, this continues into adulthood. As was already discussed, dating too early might hurt your academic performance since you get so preoccupied with your partner that your performance suffers. When you’re an adult working in the real world, this experience can plague you in the future. A person with emotional maturity can compartmentalize her life and prevent one component from influencing the other.

  • Becoming overly reliant and clingy

One of the numerous drawbacks of dating at such a young age is that you can no longer be familiar with what it’s like to be alone. That’s because you’re so accustomed to spending every day at school and on the weekends with your girlfriend. So you feel empty when you break up with that individual. You decide that void needs to get filled, so what do you do? You enter a new relationship immediately away. Then another, and until you finally conclude that you require a partner to survive. You’ve grown so reliant on a significant other that you experience loss without them. It is an issue ground, particularly as you become older.

  • Having a negative perception of one’s body

Everyone can get negatively impacted by a breakup, but girls are particularly vulnerable, especially while they are still young adolescents or teenagers. You frequently scratch your head and wonder why you were so flawed that your lover chose someone else over you. You start thinking, “was I not pretty enough? Or capable of it? Or charming enough? Since the media continuously forces its ideal of beauty down our throats, the insecurity that jumps out the most has to do with your physical appearance. You, therefore, believe that you are ugly and unworthy of any lovers since you are not tall, not slender, have an oily complexion, or have long, luscious hair.

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