The RoHS Regulation and Compliance Law – What is it and How to Make Your Products RoHS Compliant?

Production of electrical and electronic goods in many industries lead to the release and accumulation of hazardous compounds in the environment. These compounds are hard to get rid of. Which is why governments of many countries have made the RoHS law. RoHS is Restriction of Hazardous Substances. It covers industries that are mostly related to the production of goods like:

  • Medical devices
  • Monitoring tools and instruments
  • ELVs and Batteries

That said, you must also know that the RoHS law in different countries cover different products. And, now, that you know what this law is and the issues it deals with, we would like to take you through a couple of Enviropass RoHS compliance services that will largely help you.

Have a quick look!

  1. Classic RoHS Services

The classic services provided by the team of experts at Enviropass are basically designed to test your products in order to find out whether or not they contain the substances that are banned by the government in your country. In fact, these services extend beyond the detection of hazardous substances. They include:

  • Finding out the exact amount of such substances in your products.
  • Comparing their ratio with the permissible limit established by the government.
  • Preparing and submitting various documents accordingly so that you can sell your products in the market legally.
  1. Deluxe RoHS Services

The deluxe services package includes all the services provided in the classic package alongside some other services like:

  • Teaching your employees everything about auditing.
  • Familiarizing your employees with basic skills on documentation so that all the data can be managed properly.
  • Basic knowledge about the RoHS law so that your products turn out to be largely RoHS compliant. It reduces the production cost since it reduces the risk of production of goods with very high levels of prohibited substances that have to be destroyed.

These are the basic RoHS services that you can buy at firms like Enviropass.

But, if you’re still wondering why you need professionals for these services instead of handling the work yourself, then the pointers given below will enlighten you.

  • The list of hazardous substances keeps changing. The inclusions and exclusions are so vast that you cannot keep a tab on them all by yourself. A single mistake can lead to a ban on your products. Hence, professionals are needed.
  • Preparing the documents for the declaration of substances used in your products for the purpose of obtaining the RoHS clearance certification is very tough. It requires testing, auditing, and much more. Having a professional working on it eliminates the chances that your products will fail in getting a clearance.

Hence, if you’re an electrical and electronic industry that’s in the need of such professional services, then firms like Enviropass are the best. Contact them – – for more details.

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