How do online bets work? What should you watch out for in sports betting on the Internet and what is important? If betting offices, horse racing tracks or sports fields were once the central contact points for placing a bet, this has changed fundamentally since the triumph of the Internet.

Most tips are now easily and conveniently submitted online via PC, mobile phone or tablet, completely independent of external distributors.

But how exactly do online bets work?

The first step is, of course, to choose one from the multitude of online sports betting providers currently on the German market that best covers your needs and with whom you would therefore like to open a betting account.

Due to the enormous selection options, it should not be so easy to find the right online bookmaker. For this reason, we have compiled and intensively checked the most important bookmakers in our large betting provider comparison.

The most important results in the categories of sports betting app, sports betting bonus and general bookmaker comparison are presented in the following lines.

At the beginning we will refer to the basic information about online betting. Want to know more? Visit now.

Important for online betting: verification

Once a decision has been made, the next step is registration. This basically works on the same principle with all bookmakers: In addition to the user name and password, personal data is also requested, such as home address, first and last name, age, email, etc. If personal data has been entered, truthfully of course, a confirmation link is usually sent to the email address given above.

Graphic: At the turn of the millennium, the age of online betting began

However, before the first bet can be placed, more and more bookmakers have to verify the betting account.

That means: Customers have to confirm the given data by uploading a copy of their passport or driver’s license (different depending on the provider).

The reason: On the one hand, this serves the security of the customer; on the other hand, that of the betting provider itself. Ultimately, this ensures that the user is actually of legal age.

  • It can take a few hours, if not days, to verify the account. In the meantime, no deposits can usually be made.

  • As soon as the account has been verified, nothing stands in the way of the first deposit.

  • Almost every bookmaker sweetens new customers with a special sports betting bonus.

  • This varies depending on the bookmaker – both in terms of the amount and the wagering requirements.

Overview: Who has the best new customer bonus

Usually you get a certain percentage of the first deposit credited to your account as “extra income”.

Our test result: Excellent


You can find an overview of the various bonuses in our detailed betting bonus comparison. In most cases, however, certain requirements have to be met with the acquisition of the bonus. Many bookmakers are required to wager the stake and welcome bonus a few times at certain minimum odds. However, since every betting provider has different conditions, it is advisable in any case to take a look at the conditions of participation or terms and conditions before claiming the bonus.

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