Many people buy notebook computers not just for the Internet, but for work and study. A notebook computer brings more convenient and efficient. It is the greatest blessing for buyers. Let’s take a look at the impressive HONOR Magicbook Pro.

At first, The hardware quality of HONOR Magicbook Pro is excellent. It is portable whether it is games or office study.

Thanks to the 16.1-inch IPS anti-glare fog screen, HONOR Magicbook Pro is impressive.

Both appearance and hardware give users a good experience. So what are its highlights at the system level?

Notebook computers and Android phones are complex to connect PC in the past. They need date cables to connect it. Whether it was Windows system or Mac system, the data transmission was always a bit troublesome.

HONOR MagicBook brings Magic-Link smart function. Connecting mobile phone and computer becomes simple.

The MagicBook Pro 2020 has brought the function of “multi-screen connectivity”. Overturning the transmission of sharing pictures, documents and videos. The mobile phone and PC can transfer them to each other at a touch. And this transmission between them is easy to complete.

When the notebook computer and the mobile phone interconnect. The picture on the mobile phone will be demonstrated in the small window on the computer. So we can see the pictures, videos and documents on the computer.

The keyboard and mouse can help to edit pictures, videos and documents. You can open the mobile phone APP or consult and copy data. The whole process is natural and efficient.

For files transmitted between mobile phones and computers. We can only use drag for transmission. And cross-device sharing of files can be realized without the help of software such as data lines or QQ. The speed is efficient, faster than using data lines to transfer files.

What is more commendable is that HONOR MagicBook Pro has phone calls function. It can communicate without picking up the phone.

Unlike other computers, this computer can answer and make phone calls.

Its multi-screen collaboration broke the barriers of the Windows and Android systems. Making the connection between them not limited to file transfer.

This function can realize transferring files, sharing clipboards, cooperating without network.

Between HONOR MagicBook Pro and mobile phones is not only the mutual transmission of data. But the distributed system integration of PC and mobile phones. Through the powerful computing and system power to realize seamless cooperation.

Without operating the mobile phone, users can reply message on it. Answering the video and voice, check the APP dynamics on the mobile phone at any time. You can transmit the data in the mobile phone to the computer. You can work by focusing on one screen. The experience is efficient.

In the field of efficient office work, HONOR MagicBook Pro has done its utmost. You can further consult, understand and purchase through HONOR MagicBook Pro official store in UK.

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