Social media is the catalyst to the immeasurable growth and trend in the fashion and beauty industry today. There was a great craze on 5-step skincare routines and glass skin regimens in the last years. The increasing demand for Korean skincare products in Singapore soon followed these viral beauty regimens. 

Rogue manufacturers have seen opportunities in the steady demand and interest in beauty and skincare products in Singapore. You may find counterfeit skincare products in Singapore online and offline. The plot twist? These products have an almost similar appearance to legitimate ones that some people fall for. 

But what are the dangers of using fake skincare products? How can you assure that your skincare order is a legitimate product and not a counterfeit, especially in an online transaction?

The Health Risks of Counterfeit Skincare Products

The skin is the first defence of the body from foreign objects and materials. It prevents germs from penetrating the body. Using fake Korean skincare products in Singapore tears down and destroys the body’s defence. The worst part? The adverse effect not only affects the skin but our other organs as well. 

Skin Atrophy (Skin Thinning)

The steroid is a common component of topical creams and ointments for skin conditions like eczema. The steroid is truly effective in treating eczema, yet one of its harmful side effects is skin atrophy or skin thinning. You can prevent this side effect by controlling the use of topical corticosteroids. 

On the other hand, steroids can lighten skin as well with their bleaching effect. Fake and counterfeit whitening and skincare products in Singapore contain steroids for bleaching action. Prolonged use of these skincare products could also lead to skin thinning. People with skin atrophy become more prone to sun damage and fragile. 

It is essential to read the active ingredients of the skincare products before you order them. Watch out for the steroids and other metal ingredients. 

Allergic Contact Dermatitis (Skin Allergy)

People often mistake skin allergy for skin oversensitivity. Skin rashes, itchiness, and redness are among the symptoms of skin allergy. Skin allergy occurs when the skin gets in contact with an allergen. 

What are the allergens of skin allergy? Harsh chemicals and substances from cleaners and plants like poison ivy. Skincare products with dyes like tanning creams and fragrances, including scented lotions, can trigger skin allergies. Metal such as nickel is also an allergen. 

Unfortunately, fake Korean cosmetic products in Singapore may contain these allergens, including nickel, fragrances, and harsh chemicals and substances. 

The simple itch and rash from skin allergy could lead to skin discolouration, sores and lesions, and infection if left untreated. 

Be extra careful when purchasing skincare and beauty products online and offline. Besides nickel, counterfeit skincare items in Singapore may contain other harmful metals, such as aluminium and mercury. 

Chemical Burns

It is normal to experience a bit of tingling and even skin redness after applying skincare products. However, these effects should not last nor cause too much pain on the skin. 

An immense amount of skin peeling, flaking, redness, and stinging are already the red flags of chemical burns. 

When you have chemical burns, your skin becomes inflamed, dry, tight, and sensitive. It is normal for skincare products in Singapore to contain substances like salicylic acids that cause stinging. However, fake skincare and beauty products have a higher concentration of these substances. People must understand that products have content limits when it comes to these chemicals. 

Among the complications of skin chemical burns are infection and scarring. Severe cases of chemical burns may need skin grafting treatment. 

Eye Infection

Surprise! Besides the skin, fake Korean skincare products in Singapore can also affect other organs, such as the eyes. 

Eye infection occurs because of a viral or bacterial infection in the eyes and the areas surrounding it. 

Eye pain, redness, itchiness, swelling and discharge are among the symptoms of eye infection. 

Manufacturers of counterfeit beauty and skincare products, like sunscreen, eye shadow, and mascara, use unsanitized tools and equipment to create the items. Bacteria love to propagate in these conditions. 

Severe conditions of eye infection could lead to tearing duct blockage and vision loss. 

Now that you know the adverse effect of using counterfeit skincare and beauty products, the only question remaining is: how can you avoid them? Continue reading this article to know the answer. 


The Red Flags of Fake Skincare and Counterfeit Products

Shady Stores and Sellers 

The first step in purchasing a product is finding a seller or the store. Fortunately, you can already spot fake beauty and skincare products through its sellers. 

Do not purchase products from illegitimate resellers, individuals or shops. Make sure to buy them from legitimate retail stores, pharmacies, and official outlet stores of the Korean skincare products in Singapore. 

Online, avoid purchasing from suspicious social media accounts. Trust verified accounts only. One way to tell if the e-commerce website is a legitimate retail store is through the complete contact information of the website. 

Insanely Low Price

A beauty product costing half of the original retail and market price of the genuine skincare product in Singapore is already a glaring red flag. The majority of counterfeit skincare products are sold in bulk and at insanely low prices. 

Don’t fall for these affordable deals. You can make a price comparison by searching the price of the same products in retail and outlet stores. 

Packaging Details

Counterfeit products have nearly identical packaging to the legitimate skincare products in Singapore. You can easily spot the fake one by examining the spelling, the size of the logo, vibrancy of the colours, and even the typeface of the packaging. Much better if you can compare it to the original box. 

Inconsistent Product

Examine the consistency, texture, colour, and fragrance of the product. These things could tell signs of counterfeit Korean skincare products in Singapore. 

There is nothing wrong with keeping yourself beautiful, particularly if it boosts your confidence. But make sure that the beauty and skincare items you will order are safe and authentic. 

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