Heaters are used in nearly all homes across the world. It is essential, and we can’t live without them. Various types of water heaters are available in the market. It is very important which type of heater you choose as they consume a great amount of energy that amounts to a lump sum amount in your energy bills. 

There are many agencies in the market that offer hot water plumbing services like NRJ Gas Plumbing Frankston. Hiring them for your hot water plumbing work will ensure that the project is done with utmost care. They also provide various other services related to plumbing also. 

Types of Gas Heaters and the Parts of it

As technology has evolved and we have made advancements, there have been many different types of heaters that have been manufactured, each better than the previous. 

There are 2 types of water heaters, those are:

  • Tank-type water heaters. There are usually two options with these. They can either be gas or electric. They have low maintenance, fewer installation difficulties, and fewer replacement costs. 
  • A tankless water heater is energy efficient and supplies hot water only when needed as it can’t store water. They have double the life of a tank water heater, they are compact and can be installed in small spaces, and you don’t have to wait for the water to heat. 

To know which type of heater will suit your house the best, it is wise to consult a hot water plumber in Frankston for better understanding.

The parts of this water heater are:

  • Flue pipe evacuates the harmful gasses that contain carbon monoxide. 
  • The temperature and pressure relief valve release the excess heat and pressure from the tank so that it doesn’t explode.
  • A draft divider is on the end of the flue pipe, and it gathers gasses that will be removed into the flue and then out of the system. 
  • A hot water outlet is a pipe that allows the hot water to exit from the heater and enter into the water supply like a tap/ faucet.
  • Drain valve: this is at the bottom of the tank-type heater, and it lets the tank be drained. 
  • Insulation is available in all types of heaters. It wraps the metal tank to not let heat out of the tank. 

Big companies like NRJ Gas Plumbing Frankston would have these parts. They would carry them whenever going for maintenance or repair of heaters because they are very necessary. 

What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Water Heater?

There are quite a few things to keep in mind when you go out to purchase a water heater. Some of those things are:

  • The types of water heaters there are. There are storage water heaters, tankless water heaters, solar water heats, heat pump water heaters, and many more. It is important to know and research what you want to get.
  • Which size of heater do you want? This would depend on the space available to fit it and how many people there are in your house.
  • The type of fuel that it uses. Whether it is natural gas, electricity, oil, propane, solar energy, etc. 
  • Whether it is energy efficient or not? 

Summing Up

Any reputed hot water plumbing agency provides various services for the maintenance and repairing of water heaters. You should know at least the basics of heaters so that knowledge can be helpful when purchasing a heater. 


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