From the opinion of reproductive accomplishment, it is therefore interesting for a man to love the breasts of women so that they lend him more affection and love, conditions required to form a lasting couple. Expert sees the traces of natural selection, the males showing an appetite for the breasts that have been able to reproduce more than the others. As a result, men’s attraction to breasts has become a norm and the psychologist even describes the presence of a specific neural network that would develop in heterosexual males at the time of puberty.

Love the breasts, the essence of man?

But why should Man be the only exception from the animal world? The authors of the book provide their explanations. On the one hand, in mammals, 97% of the species are not monogamous, which already eliminates a good number of species. Then, the difference would come from the particularity to make love face to face, which is not found in other monogamous mammals. The vole, for example, climbs on the back of its female, whose udders are directed downwards. No possibility of reaching them during the sexual intercourse, therefore, the behavior was not selected by the evolution. Follow Naughty America and you will find the best example of that.

So a pair of breasts is very tempting. But what is it really for?

According to theories of evolutionary biology, an abundant breast was perceived by the man as a sign of good health of the woman in question, which suddenly became a first-rate option for carrying and raising children. But men are not known to be picky about their sexual partners. After all, sperm is cheap. Since we cannot get “pregnant” or bear children, it does not cost much to scatter it right to left. If the main purpose of sex – in terms of evolution – is to transmit genes, it makes more sense to sleep with as many women as possible, whether or not they look like Playmate of the last month.

One more hypothesis happens to be supported on the thought that for most primates, the sexual act comes down to penetration from behind. This would perhaps explain why some female monkeys exhibit their hindquarters with consummate art. In humans, over time, the breasts would have become larger to imitate the contour of the female buttocks.

We think these two hypotheses are rubbish! Undoubtedly, there is only one neurological explanation and it has to do with the brain mechanisms that help in the development of the very strong bond between a mother and her child.

When a woman gives birth, her baby will start a fairly elaborate manipulation of the maternal breast. This stimulation sends signals to the brain, triggering the production from the hypothalamus of a neurochemical called oxytocin. This in turn will stimulate the muscles of the maternal chest to draw out the milk, making the mother able to feed her child.

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