Most businesses considers moving their Microsoft SQL databases to MySQL server. Along these lines, thus, software creators give extraordinary solution known as database converter. The database converter helps in exporting a whole database or a fraction like the individual table from MS SQL to MySQL server organize. 

The progressed MS SQL to MySQL migration tools bolster a wide range of SQL Server including 2012, 2014, 2016 and UNIX, Linux and Windows MySQL including such variations as MariaDB and Percona. Another important benefit of database converter is support of SAAS variations of Microsoft SQL DBMS such as Azure SQL. 

Other fundamental highlights of SQL Server to MySQL converters are: 

  • Support for all MS SQL data writes 
  • Accurate conversion of table definitions, essential keys, indexes and constraints with every single vital quality 
  • Intelligent transformation of data according to the specification of target MySQL database
  • Option to convert MS SQL sees into MySQL organize 
  • Support for command line for scripting and scheduling the conversion 
  • Option to overwrite, combine or synchronize MS SQL data with an existing MySQL table 
  • Support for Windows 7/8/10 
  • Unicode bolster 
  • User-accommodating interface 
  • Full install and uninstall bolster 

The cost of acquiring the MS SQL to MySQL database conversion application ranges from zero into a few several US dollars. It is exceedingly prudent to utilize free converters just on the grounds that it comes without any specialized help and certifications of conversion quality. The standard proportion in execution can be accomplished when the cost of utilities has come to $50. 

To accomplish this, the best tool to utilize is the MS SQL to MySQL converter made by Intelligent Converters; A software solution organization that has been in business in providing database conversion, migration and synchronization since 2001. The following are a portion of the abilities that accompanies the software: 

  • For those situations when MySQL server does not acknowledge remote connections, the program can export the data into SQL content document. In this approach MS SQL data is exported into nearby record containing data definition (DDL) statements to make tables with all indexes and constraints and fill them with the data. Later database expert will have the capacity to import this document to MySQL server using the standard tools like phpMyAdmin. 
  • Sometimes it is required to convert incomplete data from a table or consolidation data from different tables into a single one. For these reasons MS SQL to MySQL converter permits to convert aftereffect of SELECT inquiries running against the source SQL Server database. 
  • If there is a need to change segment name or sort in the resulting database, the converter gives highlight called “custom section mapping”. This element permits changing name, type, default esteem and NULL-property for any segment of MS SQL table and in addition avoid certain segments from conversion. 


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