If you have stumbled on this article, you must be an avid fan of astrology. Any follower of this ancient practice will be aware of its boons. Astrology has stuck around for millennia and be it either western or Vedic type, countless individuals have reaped the benefits.  Now, with the advancements of the age, astrological consults have also taken new forms, like seeing the best astrologer on the best astrology app. But, still, under certain circumstances, some redundant and backdated thoughts have stuck around. Those no longer offer any real help, just induce anxiety. Such myths are what constitutes today’s article so you can stop fearing them.

  1. Astrology is a religion or connected to a religion.:

This is one of those misconceptions most people tend to fall for. Astrology is the ancient art of reading the stars but it has never evolved to be a religion in itself. Also, just because astrology in India uses the Hindu religion, it is not a part of it exclusively. The art of astrology has just evolved based on geographical location.

  1. Astrology is based on black magic or occult:

Another reason a lot of individuals are hesitant to seek out astrological assistance. It has no connections with black magic, paranormal, or the occult.

  1. Astrologers use vague info to make predictions:

The astrologer isn’t a mind reader and just like your physician requires some knowledge of your case, your Astro also needs to have some info like your natal chart to make judgments. But it doesn’t mean he is selling your words back to you for no real certified expert would do that.

  1. There is only one way of practicing Astrology:

Astrology is not a singular structure, more like a tree with every branch being particular astrology. There are styles of Western astrology as well as Vedic astrology. We have marriage astrology, career astrology, etc. So, not every astrologer can be counted on for every type of reading. The best astrology app can be used to meet your expectations.

  1. Only an individual’s sun sign is enough to get a reading:

The Sun sign is merely one aspect of the entire divine identity. We have the entire natal chart with a plethora of information. We also have the rising sign.

  1. The Natal chart is fixed:

The Kundli or the birth chart is the blueprint of the planets about the time a person is born. But planets are always in transit so the image is subject to change. This means good news, not every bad luck prediction will come through.

  1. Astrology can correctly predict all important events:

Astrology is no doubt a powerful tool and is dependable in most cases but it is also not possible to hit the bullseye every time. There is a margin of error and that should be remembered when fixing expectations for a visit to either the online astrologer or its offline counterpart.

  1. Couples opting for love marriages don’t need Kundli Milan:

A lot of lovestruck couples forego matching charts either because they fear their astrological matching might happen or because they are a tad too overconfident. This is a big myth and Kundli Milan is a must. It can help to deal with Dasha and Dosha and it’s not always necessary that the couples have to split up due to the Kundli not matching.

  1. You don’t need to work hard if you have a great horoscope:

A lot of people funnily believe this. Depending upon the divine placement of the chart is like depending on luck to pass a test. Nothing beats karma and honest hard work.

  1. Astrologers and astronomers are the same:

Astrology and astronomy both deal with stars but not in the same way. Astronomy does not study the universe as the earth being a center structure, something that astrology does.

  1. Astrology is a hobby or trend:

Thanks to social media and the web Astrology has taken its own position in the world and more and more newcomers are dabbling in it. Yet, it should always be understood that astrology is not a hobby or pastime or in fact, a child’s play. To gain a concrete grasp of this subject takes decades. Astrology needs to be dealt with with respect and knowledge.

There we go. We have noted some of the most noted silly notions about astrology that have still stuck.

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