Has your cat developed a healthier appetite? Has the cat become energetic overnight? Would you determine that your cat is suffering from some disease? If your cat were aging or old, the chances of the cat developing symptoms for hyperthyroidism would be significantly higher.

However, an important symptom to look for in your cat would be to check its weight. If the cat has an increased appetite lately but has been losing considerable weight, the cat has hyperthyroidism. It has been a relatively common problem in aging or older cats. There is little you could do anything about it. Get adequate knowledge about hyperthyroidism in cats on https://incrediblethings.com/pets/cat-hyperthyroidism-signs-diagnosis-and-treatment/.

Causes of hyperthyroidism

The most common reason for older cats suffering from hyperthyroidism would be the enhanced production of thyroid hormone by the thyroid glands. Several reasons have been associated with the production of excessive thyroid hormone. You cannot determine which reason led to the diseases affecting your cat. Nonetheless, it is a considerably serious problem for the cat. If you leave the disease undiagnosed, rest assured it could prove fatal for the cat. However, the treatment would be relatively simple and with most cats recovering significantly, provided you had the disease diagnosed within time.

How could you determine your cat is suffering from hyperthyroidism?

If you were wondering about determine whether your cat was suffering from hyperthyroidism or not, the best bet would be to get the pet to the vet. However, you should also check for the below-mentioned early signs of hyperthyroidism in the cat.

  • The increased appetite of the cat resulting in increased energy
  • Weight loss in the cat despite increased appetite of the cat
  • Restless or irritable character developing in the cat
  • The coat of the cat thinning considerably
  • Increased urination by the cat

As hyperthyroidism has been a relatively common disease in older cats, most pet owners assume that it would be merely signs of proof that their pet has been aging. They would ignore the symptoms leading it to be severe. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to seek appropriate treatment despite the condition worsens.

A relatively more clear sign of your cat developing hyperthyroidism would be swelling developing in the throat of your cat. You could witness a small and hard lump under the skin of the cat next to Adam’s apple. This inflamed thyroid gland produces an increased amount of thyroid hormone that affects other parts of the body.

Taking the pet to the vet

Your best bet to save the life of your cat would be to visit the vet. The vet would be the right person to guide you through the procedure and the best medication for the cat. The vet would ensure that your cat does not suffer the side effects of hyperthyroidism with a suitable treatment.

Not all veterinarians would offer surgery due to the age aspect of the cat. Older cats could suffer from hypocalcemia. That would make it harder to survive the surgery. The veterinarian would guide you thoroughly about the best medication, treatment, and diet chart for your cat.

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