As a newlywed couple who are planning to have a baby soon, we look for effective ways to treat infertility problems. We have never been knowledgeable in this aspect until we notice the difficulty of conceiving a child after a few attempts. Getting my wife pregnant can be such a difficult part of our marriage, and we at least tried to conceive for almost a year. Yet we barely had a chance for success until we tried consulting and seeking help with TCM physicians in Singapore.

Finding A Fertility Support

As someone who barely has any knowledge of this, way back, it is something like a head-scratcher for us. There are many reasons behind infertility, ranging from age and lifestyle. We didn’t want to ‘doctor’ ourselves and look for information online. There is an abundance of helpful information that one may find for increasing their fertility rate. Though, we did try looking for ways to inform ourselves. Hence we have sought the help of other people and medical experts along the way.

They gave us a few pieces of advice, which we complied with to help increase the success of conceiving a child. As a couple, we dreamed of becoming a new parent and raising the child on our own hardship. My wife, specifically, was particularly fond of children. The problem does take its toll on an individual level. Fertility issues can be an enormous challenge. It was until one of my closest colleagues (and a friend) shared something that is similar to our current circumstance and encouraged me to seek a TCM clinic in Singapore.

My experience with traditional Chinese medicine was quite limited. TCM comprises alternative approaches and practices to resolve health and even mental concerns. Fertility support is what we need, and we don’t expect to have an overnight miracle. Age could be a contributing factor since both of us were in our late 40s. The detrimental factor causes a decrease in the rate of fertility. Nevertheless, we are optimistic—anticipating an improvement anytime soon. Without any form of hesitance, I followed my colleague’s advice. I headed down to a nearby clinic that practises TCM called Oriental Remedies Group. Upon my first visit, I checked the clinic myself to make an assessment if they were worth paying for fertility treatment in Singapore.

Treating Fertility With TCM

Upon my first visit, I was greeted by their friendly staff. I never managed to check their website during that time. But I made several inquiries with them in person to establish my trust in their clinic and physicians. One must look and assess the quality of their facility and the staff service as well. I found out that they also offer other services, such as electro-lymphatic therapy and eczema treatment in Singapore. There are also other TCM-centric treatments that they are offering to achieve optimal health.

After my first visit, I made an appointment with them (together with my wife) for fertility treatment. Overall, their physicians were incredibly helpful in providing fertility support. After our appointment visit together, their physician has been monitoring us closely, providing us helpful insight and advice. After nearly a two-month period of working closely with their physician, my wife was now bearing a baby inside her. I couldn’t be happier!

Their clinic and physician have made an enormous impact on our journey to fertility support. Not to mention that their services and facilities are up to our expectations, and we were very positive working with them. I recommend Oriental Remedies Group for fertility and acupuncture in Singapore.

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