Over the years, the role of custom authorities have changed significantly. The main goal, initially for the custom authority was to collect revenue and transfer the goods to a specific country. But, the custom authority industry is growing. And due to such rapid industrialization of the countries and high competition, it has eventually developed a strong market. 

Over the years, the growth has led to the addition of several other goals which is considered to be helpful in the long run. ClearitUSA is one of the leading companies that have made sure to add new changes. 

Some of the prominent role of the custom authorities that have been added over the time include

Protection of industries in each country

This may sound a little absurd, but companies are dedicated to offer protection to all the industries for collection of revenue. They make sure to check for tariff and non-tariff barriers like permits, quotas and other regulations. 

The Canadian trade policies are changing and hence, the companies are looking forward to attracting more policies and improving the competitiveness of the industry as per the global market. Legislationization has however helped to reduce traffic. 

Border protection: Border protection has always been one of the most important aspects in the industry. The customs department has a lot of complicated laws enforced for the border protection. As per the new rules, the customs can impose different laws that will eventually govern the coming in of different goods from travelers. This is done to comply by the government rules in respect to certain goods. As a result, it is aimed at maintaining the health and safety standards across Canadians. 

The duties collection, which was initially one of the most important parts of the business, has ceased to be one. This has eventually brought about a reduction in tariffs. The reduction needs to be abided by Canada and other countries. However there may be exceptions, depending on the special measures introduced by Canadian law. 

The rates will vary significantly but this is done to protect the national interest. This is further helpful for solving the trade disputes for member countries of the World Trade Organization. The problems are usually faced between Canada and the United States, but removal of non-tariff barriers can often be more difficult than removal of tariffs. 

All the efforts are being made by the trade regulations to avoid the illegal entry of goods in Canada, prohibiting the entry of any goods, which have a significant impact on health, agriculture and environment and manage the trade agreements depending on export and import policies. 

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