You are most likely here perhaps because you either are or wish to become a proud homeowner. There is nothing more important than knowing the right type of information when trying to pursue the acquisition of real estate. Especially in these unprecedented times, prices are very susceptible to change and it can leave you in a tough spot without the necessary real estate knowledge.

For that reason, you will need the guidance of a competent attorney from aresidential real estate law firm.   These are trained professionals that can provide you with the necessary tools so that you can buy the house of your dreams. We urge you to join us throughout this article so that you can learn the complexities of real estate law, and how an attorney can help you navigate through those issues.

Legal Basics

Real estate law, also known as property law, consists of the mandated guidelines that control the land and its use within the United States. It also dictates how an individual can use, possess, and enjoy the purchased land. The importance of this law is reflected in the weight it has on homeowners’, renters,’ and all property owners’ rights.

Real estate law can change quite a lot from one state to the other. That is why it is important to have an attorney that guides you throughout any legal process during your purchase. For that reason, they will know how to identify a specific law and apply it to your case.

Let’s now go ahead and learn about the specific real estate laws within Florida:

  • Florida Adverse Possession Laws – In this mandate, Florida law allows individuals to reside within a home and then fix it up and improve the conditions of the residence.
  • Florida Statute of Limitations Laws – These mandates determine the amount of time that is given to an individual to place a claim for whatever possible case. People usually believe that these laws only apply for personal injury cases. However, they may be surprised to know that it also covers real estate law claims. Whether you may want to place a claim for damaged property, purchasing land, or any other land-related issue, the statute of limitations will also apply for all of them.
  • Florida Lease and Rental Agreements – These laws are focused on directing the professional relationship between landlords and their tenets. They are also meant to protect both sides’ interests as well as their rights. Within these agreements, one will see the following categories
  1. Security limit deposits.
  2. Lease clauses.
  3. Prohibited forms of discrimination.
  • Florida Homestead Laws – These laws ultimately protect elderly or disabled people from foreclosures and evictions within the State of Florida.

Legal Expertise

Let’s go ahead and review how a real estate attorney can provide you with winning advantages depending on your specific needs.

Your attorney will help you review and thoroughly analyze your specific contract and any other additional documents dealing with your property rights. Equally as important, they will provide you with the proper advice and negotiation regarding all types of inspecting issues. Whether you are renting, buying, or selling, the inspection period is a crucial process in which it is better to have a second set of expert eyes when coming across it. Otherwise, it can create setbacks for your plans regarding the land at hand.

Your real estate lawyer will also:

  • Monitor critical dates which include Home inspection and mortgage meetings.
  • Evaluate and clear the owner title if necessary depending on the circumstance.
  • Prepare conveyance documents whenever necessary.
  • Monitor and attend the official closing meetings. During such an event, the attorney will evaluate and proceed to explain all necessary documents with their clients and the other party’s representatives.

We are confident that you are now more knowledgeable of the complex legalities involved with real estate law in Florida. However, perhaps the most important takeaway is that in order to execute the right move regarding property ownership, is choosing to seek the help of a residential real estate law firm. By doing so, you will be better equipped and ready to make a more calculated decision for both your present and future.

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