No neon lighting on the window, so to alert motorists on the main road that they can go to you for a psychological consultation. A separate nameplate next to the front door is allowed.

Regulations on working from home in liberal professions

An important point of attention for working from home is your profession. The municipality makes a distinction here. Anyone who practices a liberal profession can do this at home, at least, under a number of conditions that make your house a residential home. To Establish a Dutch holding company  you have to keep this in mind.

What is a liberal profession?

A liberal profession is not always easy to define, the government and the tax authorities are not clear about this. In practice, these are professions that anyone with the required knowledge and prior education can practice independently.

Municipal rules for liberal professions

These self-employed people do not have to first ask for permission from the municipality to work from home. They do have to adhere to a number of rules. Most municipalities state that a maximum of one third of your home may serve as business space. It is not allowed to turn your house into an office building and then live with your partner. In most municipalities, a maximum of 1 / 3rd of your home may serve as business space.

Rules for other professions

If you do not have a liberal profession, you should always first ask for permission from the municipality to start a home business. The municipality will then have to adjust the zoning plan or apply for an exemption. This policy differs per municipality.

Change zoning plan or environmental permit

If the zoning plan for your home states that you are not allowed to start a business in your sector, you can ask the municipality to change the zoning plan or to grant you an environmental permit. This is a permit for actions in violation of spatial planning rules. Check This website to understand the best choices here.

In certain cases, you must also apply for a withdrawal permit. This permit protects the housing stock for starters and those moving on in the housing market.

The general advice is: check with your municipality which rules and permits apply to your profession.

Do you follow the rules?

Nowadays there are always entrepreneurs who flout these rules or do not ask permission from the municipality. This is of course at your own risk, but if the neighbors start to complain – for example about noise pollution or because your customers use all parking spaces in the street – the municipality can, in the worst case, close your company.

Mortgage or rental agreement

If you want to start a business from home, you also have to take your mortgage or rental agreement into account. Do you own the house and have you taken out a mortgage? Then view your mortgage agreement to see if your bank has not set specific requirements about starting a business. Do you rent your house and do you therefore have a lease? Check this for a moment for these types of provisions.

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