With the difficulties that filled 2020, some businesses lost everything due to forced shutdowns while others fell victim to violence. Many people lost their lives while others lost their livelihoods.

Some businesses weathered the perfect storm of a pandemic, social upheaval, and political divisions and are emerging stronger than before while others failed and closed their doors forever. Businesses that are soldiering on do so because they are optimistic about the future, despite the present chaos and uncertainty.

The hope for a return to the way things were; to the pre-pandemic robust economy and perhaps the loss of failed competitors throughout the year might be making the survivors more confident and optimistic about the future. Those who are pessimistic about the future of their business have ceased marketing and development efforts while those who see the potential for a return to profitability and “normalcy” have not only continued their efforts, but many have seen the current scenario as an opportunity to redouble those efforts.

A clear example of this is search engine optimization (or SEO).  SEO is a process that convinces Google to rank one website higher than other sites for relevant keywords. Getting to Google’s first page in the search engine result pages is the goal since the vast majority of searchers never go past page 1 when searching.  It is always a matter of jockeying for position since there is only one first page for a given search and there are only 10 organic search results on that page. An online marketing company in NJ can help with this but it takes time and money to get there.  Companies that suspended their SEO campaigns during the difficult 2020 year have found their rankings declining; they lost their investment in SEO. Those who stayed the course not only protected their investment, but many also saw improvement in their rankings as the quitters made room at the top by leaving the market.  It is a sad thing to advance as such but there will always be Google’s page 1.

To learn how optimism can guide your marketing plans after a most difficult year, check out this infographic from Landau Consulting, an SEO and internet marketing company in NJ.

Optimistic Companies Should be Doing SEO featured image Landau Consulting


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