When hunting with an AR-15, a reduced magazine of 5 or 10 rounds is required. Twenty-round magazines were provided to the initial M16 soldiers, and shortly after, the 30-round magazine was created to compete with the AK-47s found in Vietnam’s deep forests. Under STANAG 4179, the 30 rounder has become the official removable rifle magazine for NATO countries in the coming 1980s. For the past several decades, 30-round stick magazines have been the standard for AR-15s used for the United States and M16s and M4 carbines in use by our troops overseas. There are a few 40-round variants available, but nobody has taken off. And then there is the legendary Beta C, a double-drum polymer behemoth that can carry 100 rounds and weighs 4.6 pounds when filled. The Beta C hasn’t taken on with the military because it requires graphite lubrication, and there are concerns that one’s implementation is too delicate for the demands of combat.

Why would I need to purchase more magazines?

There are numerous reasons to keep additional magazines for your AR-15 available. However, for simplicity, let’s boil this debate down to 3 facts that most gun owners agree on:

First and foremost, publications fall apart. Indeed the greatest mags wear out, get walked on, get thrown a few times too many, etc. Finally, magazines should be regarded as a consumption resource. They do not endure eternally, and when they begin to fail, you must replace them.

The second problem is one of pragmatism. Reloading the same magazine takes time and effort, particularly if you’re at the practice or competing. In reality, most competitions demand that competitors have numerous magazines on hand, like 3Gun, which requires at least three magazines to compete.

Finally, extra magazines are often a smart thing to have on hand in case of much, any of it a mistake, emergency and personality scenarios, mag failures, and so on.

What Characteristics Characterize a Good AR-15 Magazine? What, after all, makes a magazine worthwhile to purchase?

To be clear, we’re only interested in magazines from trustworthy producers. We can’t suggest these reduced solutions since they have poor tolerances and are produced with inferior materials. Rather, we concentrate on magazines with a proven track record of dependability and functional effectiveness.

Best AR 15 Magazine That Work

These are the magazines we use practically every day and rely on in our home network defense setups. So, whether you choose to buy three or thirty magazines, you’ve come to the proper location. Each magazine on this listing lives up to our high expectations of reliability, usefulness, and overall performance.

  1. PMAGs from Magpul

Magpul’s M2 and M3 PMAG magazines are the most prevalent AR-15 magazines on the market. They’re inexpensive, dependable, made entirely in the United States, and made of an elevated, impact-resistant polymer. M2 and M3 are, interestingly, two main classes of the same magazine. The primary difference between the two magazines is weapon compliance and high-capacity magazines. The M2 MOE is limited to 30 rounds and was designed specifically for the AR-15 and M4 systems.

  1. L5AWM Lancer Systems

Lancer is Magpul’s main competitor in market penetration and with a worthwhile purpose. This polymer magazine is entirely transparent from every angle, so you’ll always know how many rounds are left within and the type and quality of the ammunition. As you might expect, inspecting a transparent magazine is significantly simpler than counting rounds through a little window.

  1. Hexmag Series

Hexmag’s initial edition of magazines had several flaws, but we’re happy to say that many of those concerns have been resolved with the second version. Their Series 2 magazines are sturdy and worked admirably in our tests.

Hexmag also produces some great 10- and 15-round magazines with the same size as a standard 30-round mag. These magazines could be an excellent choice for those looking to practice with a specific variety of mag or who plan to relocate to a more AR-friendly area.

  1. USGI Metal Mag Brownells

If the polymer is not your taste, plenty of USGI-style metal mags is available.

  1. Drum Magpul D-60

The Magpul D-60 is, without a doubt, the most dependable 50+ round AR-15 magazine on the marketplace currently. It’s a touch heavy, and there’s no good way to carry a large spare about with you. This isn’t a bad alternative on the first magazine that stays filled in the rifle. Furthermore, if you’re looking to have some fun at the practice, this is the most reliable (and reasonably easy cleaning) large-capacity magazine for the money.

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