Class 9 is a very crucial stage for students. It builds up the base for the class 10 board exams. Whatever students learn in class 9 it will be elaborated in Class 10. So, for better understanding of the topics students should be well versed with all the concepts that are taught in class 9. The best way to do this is to start studying from the beginning of the academic session. 

In class 9, students have summative assessment (SA) tests to check students’ performance. These SA tests are being conducted to check how much students have learned and understood the concepts in each subject. These SA tests are opportunities for students to check their preparation level based on which they can prepare for the annual exam in a better way. They can also utilize essential study materials such as NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English, Maths, Science, etc.

In Class 9, students enter into the secondary stage of school education. The difficulty level starts rising, and students are expected to follow a different approach to learning. Rote learning will no longer fulfil the purpose of education, and the students need to focus on building the concepts. If their concepts are strong they will start showing interest in that subject. This will help students in determining their career goals as well. In Class 9, students are full of energy and are open to learning new things. They do not have any burden or pressure of board exams. So, they can utilize this time efficiently. They should focus on the basics, especially if they are opting for the Science stream after Class 10.

Here we are providing a few tips on how to prepare effectively for the class 9 exam.

Tips to Prepare for Class 9 Exam

Students must give equal importance to all the subjects. For weak subjects they can give extra time. However, they should not ignore any subject.

  1. Study from NCERT Textbooks: The best and authentic resource for students are NCERT Class 9 textbooks. These books are written in simple and easy to understand language and follow the CBSE syllabus. 
  2. Solve all the Exercise problems: In each subject there are exercise questions. 95% of these exercise questions are asked in the exam. If we consider chapter 1 of Maths which deals with the Number System, then from this chapter questions from the exercise and from examples can also be asked. So, students must practice well. In case they could not find the solution then they can refer to the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Math notes
  3. Study as per the Syllabus: Students must go through the complete syllabus at the beginning of the session. It helps them in tracking a record of what they have studied till now and what needs to be covered. Accordingly, they can speed up their preparation. 
  4. Be Thorough with the Concepts: Students must try to understand the concepts instead of mugging up things especially in subjects like science. To get the concept, read the topic by yourself. Let’s take chapter 1 of science which is based on “Matter in our surroundings”. To understand this chapter, read it carefully and then solve the questions. In case they have any doubt then they should ask it with a teacher or friends. They can also refer to the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science. 
  5. Practice, Practice and Practice: The more students will practice the more marks they will score in the SA test. During practise students get to know their strong and weak points. By working on the weak areas they improve their performance which help them to fetch good marks.

Just merely studying a few days before the exam will not help students. So, they should plan their studies in advance and study daily at least for 3hrs apart from the school timing. The student can also refer online such as chapter wise NCERT solutions of Chapter My Childhood Class 9 and other resources to prepare for exams.


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