Of course, you want the best care for your health, especially if you’re experiencing knee pain or any problem related to your joints and muscles. It would hinder your daily activities because simple activities such as walking may be harder compared to the days when you were completely okay. The next step is to look for an orthopaedic clinic in Singapore for a complete diagnosis. However, you’re unsure if health professionals are eligible to look after your health. In the back of your mind, would they be able to help me recover or worsen my situation?

To answer that question, let this article help you find the qualities that make your healthcare professionals reliable and knowledgeable.

Calling an Orthopaedic Doctor? Here are the Qualities To Look For

In times of medical problems, the first professionals you will call are doctors. But not all healthcare professionals are the right ones for your health condition. You also have to know their qualifications to determine if they can help you have a full recovery. So, here are the qualities you need to look for in an orthopaedic doctor in Singapore for an effective treatment procedure.

1) An Empathetic Person

Doctors should show signs of empathy when talking to their clients. The doctor should listen to you and know more about your struggles without judgement or making you feel bad about your condition. An empathetic doctor will also make you feel comfortable sharing problems regarding your medical condition. On top of this, doctors should never take advantage of their patient’s money. Medical bills can be expensive, so an orthopaedic doctor in Singapore should prioritise the patient’s well-being over their money.

2) Engaging Communication Skills

Your orthopaedic doctor or ankle specialist in Singapore should also have engaging communication skills. The doctor should make you feel less awkward when sharing your medical state. When interacting with the doctor, the specialist should encourage you to also speak up, like letting you ask a question before moving to the next topic. The doctor should also explain medical terms you don’t understand.

3) An Honest Doctor

When looking for an orthopaedic doctor in Singapore, it’s better to look for an honest one who will not take advantage of your money or convince you that you need more treatments to get a full recovery status. Keep in mind that your doctor should prioritise the well-being of their patients at all costs. By being honest, your doctor can also support your decision and will respect where you feel most comfortable.

4) Eye-Hand Coordination

In Singapore, an orthopaedic surgery can be a complicated process. Therefore, only skilful people with eye-hand coordination can make this successful. Look for a doctor who has proven the qualifications for proceeding with invasive surgery. For instance, you’re having knee replacement surgery. The doctor uses a small camera and watches the video on the screen. At the same time, the doctor should be in sync with the images from the screen.

5) Supportive in Patient Decisions

Patients don’t want doctors to decide what to get with the offered solutions. It’s better to give the patients an option regarding their treatments that will go along with their budget and preference. This way, orthopaedic doctors can provide freedom to their patients. Once the patient decides, it’s time for you to support their decision to achieve full recovery.


How to Find a Reliable Orthopaedic Clinic

Finding a reliable orthopaedic clinic can also be beneficial because you can get benefits like promotions and treatments without charge. Luckily, you can find a clinic that will suit your needs once knowing the qualities you need to look for, and after considering them, you can ensure that you have found a clinic for your healthcare needs.

Here are the qualities you need to look for in an orthopaedic clinic in Singapore.

1) Staff Size

When looking for an orthopaedic clinic, it’s better to check their staff size if they lack employees to accommodate all patients. If this happens, nurses might find it hard to concentrate on one patient and go from people to another. It may affect your recovery progress because you have less attention from the medical staff. That’s why politely ask the clinic about their staff size so you can have an idea. With enough staff, there would be a balance of workload and healthcare professionals would not feel overworked.

2) State of the Art Facilities

Another thing to check in the orthopaedic clinic is the state-of-the-art facilities. Do they have advanced technologies and modern equipment? If yes, it’s more likely theorthopaedic surgery will become successful and safe. You can also check the clinic’s website and browse more pictures of their facilities. After researching the facilities, you can now decide whether to book a consultation for them or find another clinic.

3) Reasonable Treatment Price

Of course, you need to check if their treatments are within a reasonable price range. Avoid going to an orthopaedic clinic that offers too affordable or too expensive treatment prices. Too cheap may indicate that the clinic is not a reliable one, while too expensive may not be worth the price. The key here is to look for a clinic that offers a reasonable treatment price. And so you can plan for your budget and prevent overspending on your medical needs.

4) More Positive Reviews

Before booking a consultation, you can also read the reviews on the clinic’s website. You can read the experience of their previous clients and check if they feel satisfied with the treatments. Upon reading the reviews, you can save yourself from wasting money on a clinic that doesn’t live up to your expectations. Reviews can give you an idea about how reliable the orthopaedic doctor or ankle specialist is for your medical needs. If yes, then call them to book a consultation.

5) Available 24/7

Medical emergencies happen at any time of the day. So, look for an orthopaedic clinic that is open 24/7 during this unexpected event. They should have accessible contact information like social media and phone numbers for immediate assistance.

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