For the most part, people who are planning to use the services of a surrogate mother prefer not to go to an agency but to search for one on their own. Unfortunately, in most cases, this only leads them to encounter a huge number of cases of fraud and end up turning to surrogacy centres, but having already lost a lot of time and money.

Yes, now you sincerely believe that finding a surrogate on your own is the easiest and quickest way out. However, this is actually not true: surrogacy as a procedure associated with serious financial obligations has overgrown with a huge number of fraudsters who want to get your money without giving anything in return. The minimum loss that awaits people looking for a surrogate on their own is the financial loss required for the surrogate’s examination. Unfortunately, it is quite common for a girl to be examined at the expense of her biological parents and then simply disappear.

Unfortunately, this is only the tip of the iceberg: there are whole groups of fraudsters who present themselves as intermediaries between the surrogate mothers and the biological parents, as a result extorting money for examination and preparation of the surrogate mothers and then disappear.

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There are some unscrupulous surrogate mothers who may not only fail to fulfil their obligations in full, but may also blackmail the parents of the child and demand to increase the remuneration.

Certainly, there are people who find a surrogate on their own and manage to avoid all these problems. However, even more biological parents face the problem of not being able to find a normal surrogate mother for a long time and end up going to specialised agencies anyway.

The biggest problem with this is not even the loss of money to fraudsters, but the loss of time. It often happens that if two years ago, when the biological parents just started looking for a surrogate mother, they had rather high chances of successful fertilisation, now they have significantly decreased. This is especially true for women’s health, because if a woman has already had problems conceiving, every new year of waiting will only make things worse.


If you are still determined to look for a surrogate on your own, we strongly recommend you to apply to specialised agencies: if not to look for a surrogate, then at least to have a contract drawn up by a specialist.

It is quite possible that the work of such a specialist will cost you more than the services of an ordinary lawyer. But this is one case where you risk a lot by trying to save money. As it has already been said, there is still no single law in the law that would control every stage of surrogacy. This is the reason why contracts are made. And in such a case, it is definitely better to entrust the drawing up of a contract to a specialist who has already created dozens of them and knows exactly what to expect.

I hate to say it, but you will definitely be dumbfounded by how many pitfalls there are when trying to draw up a surrogate contract. There are subtleties and difficulties that you didn’t even know existed. These include the need to spell out precisely all the payments you will have to make to the surrogate in case of a miscarriage, need for a caesarean section, and so on.

Does that sound simple to you? Well, have you thought about what a surrogate mother will do if both biological parents die? Of course, the probability of that happening is negligible, but it’s not out of the question. And that means that you should know exactly who will be in charge of raising your child if you’re gone tomorrow due to an accident.

There are many more subtleties that you haven’t even thought about, but which a lawyer knows exactly. It is for this reason that you should contact specialised agencies at least for the services of a lawyer. What might take another specialist several months to do, a lawyer in an agency will do in less than a week. Yes, we are talking about a detailed, complete surrogate agreement. An outside lawyer will have to study an issue in which he or she has absolutely no or very little understanding, while the agency should already have a standard contract ready with only minor changes to be made.

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