It is easier to choose a French bulldog to keep as a pet than choosing it for a show. If you are looking for a bulldog to act as your pet, your companion, then you need not work hard. You don’t need to consider the eye color to judge pet quality or its coating. French bulldogs are already ‘gentlemen’s dogs’, and with so many breeders offering French bulldogs, you will have easy time finding one for you. First, you need to avoid all bad dog breeders. When buying a Frenchie, you will know about the bad dog breeders for there are characteristic traits.

How to know if the breeder is bad?

If you find any of the traits in the breeder, then don’t go for him:

1. A breeder who claims to offer “a pug next day” should not be your choice

2. a breeder who lacks a dog kennel

3. if the dog and parents did not undergo health screening

4. if the breeder sells puppies to the pet stores for brokers

5. when you see many puppies available at the same time

6. On seeing the puppy, if you find that it is nervous and flighty

7. A breeder who is not certified and has no reference to offer

8. if a breeder provides no warranty or guarantee on health

Don’t go for a breeder who does not how to train the puppies or care for them.

Avoid choosing a bulldog if you find any of the traits

Have a closer look at the puppy and if you find any of the following physical traits, do avoid buying it:

1. if you see disallowed colors like black, tan or mouse, you should avoid buying that puppy. Colors like white and black mixed is totally unwanted

2. if you find its nose in a color other than black

3. the shape of its ear other than that of a bat

4. teeth misaligned

It is necessary to find a reliable, certified and reputed breeder of bulldog. You may check out with the French bulldog club or the website to find a knowledgeable breeder. Health of parents should be sound and the dog must have appropriate size. Nevertheless, the bulldog can have health issues later. As poor temperament is not inherent with the French bulldog, you are sure to find a perfect companion in the French dog. Look for a dog with good health and appropriate temperament. Give attention and show your love to the dog.

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