The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in people following a number of safety parameters and precautions ranging from wearing masks to using sanitizers and washing hands with soap and water regularly. Hand sanitizers have in fact become a major necessity in the recent pandemic situation. People consider them as a primary shield in the battle against the coronavirus. 

According to the World Health Organization, using hand sanitizers is a good way to maintain safety from COVID-19. One can also carry these sanitizers easily in their bags and this helps to keep your hands clean wherever you are. 

Keeping our hands clean throughout the day is very important as we tend to touch our face and nose unknowingly many times and this virus is known to spread through touch and through respiratory droplets. 

However, it’s important to note that buying just any sanitizer isn’t enough. Choosing the right sanitizer is what you should be doing while buying them. 

Choosing the right hand sanitizer: 

  • First of all, you must understand that even though sanitizers are meant to eliminate microbes, they are not capable of killing a wide variety of germs. Studies show that alcohol-based sanitizers are highly effective in removing various types of germs and microbes. This is why you must focus on the alcohol concentration of the sanitizers while buying them. 
  • Medical experts recommend sanitizers with an alcohol concentration level of apparently 60% to 95% as they are more effective in killing germs. You must also find out about the expiry date of the product. Alcohol evaporates with passing time and this makes the sanitizers ineffective. You should also look for the combination of contents that are used in making the sanitizers. 
  • The best quality hand sanitizers have at least 70% alcohol content and they clean your hands without drying them. These sanitizers are capable of removing at least 99.99% germs and bacteria from your hands. The herbal sanitizers are equally good options as they contain essential oils. They also help to get rid of apparently 99% germs and help to keep your hands germ-free for longer hours. 
  • The ingredients like Neem and aloe vera make the sanitizers highly antibacterial, anti-fungal in nature and prevent your skin from getting dry and yet are not excessively sticky. 

You can easily find high-quality hand sanitizers from the Displetech alcohol gel wholesale products, which is a trusted supplier of alcohol-based sanitizers. 


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