Consider wearing a Rolex watch occasionally if you’re one of the many people who enjoy collecting watches. Watches are also desirable accessories for all people. The durability guarantee is among the top services provided by Rolex. The pursuit of quality is central to both production and development. The watch has been passed down from generation to generation with the utmost care.

So does the that gives the new beginning a colorful aesthetic spark. One of the new Datejust emerges as energetic, that is, Datejust 31. The Datejust 31 brings the new three versions with different floral patterns. 

What Are The Features Of Rolex Datejust?  

  • Instant Date Mechanism–  One of the features of Datejust has instant switches to change to the next date at midnight, slowing and rolling over a few hours. 
  • Easylink– It has extension links that allow the wearer to adjust the link that fits to some clasps. 
  • Rolesor– The Rolex Datejust has a combination of stainless steel and gold that is called white rolesor, everose rolesor, and yellow rolesor with a pinch of gold. 
  • Oyster Case–  The Rolex has been using one of the oldest cases for so long, and since 1926 it has been the optimal use in terms of water resistance that includes screw-down fluted case back and screw-down winding crown.  
  • Bracelet– There are many types of a bracelet as per the name, such as the jubilee bracelet giving five link metal with semi-circular links, the President bracelet provides three link metal with semi-circular and the oyster bracelet sharing three link metal with flat links. 
  • Stop Seconds– One of the advances seen in the Rolex watch is that the second hand stops when the winding crown is pulled out from time settings. 
  • Settings Rapidly– The most common setting is known as quickset, meaning the date can be set independently. 

So summing up, the Datejust brought the two deadly combinations of the decades, that Oyster case and the perpetual movement. In history, the Datejust was the first automatic chronometer watch that had the feature of a 36mm case of yellow gold and a fluted bezel.

If you want to try out something vintage, grab your slot with the Rolex Datejust combination, experience the luxuriousness of all, and pass it with generation after generation. The watch contains values of your time, admires yourself and attaches the core of the material and style.   

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