The competition among business owners nowadays is fierce and intense. One day you’re on top, but the next day you’re struggling. With the fast changes, a business owner who doesn’t look for modern solutions will most likely fail in the business industry. So, before you establish your company, it’s helpful to know more about social media and its power to influence. One great example is WhatsApp Marketing.

Like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Viber, WhatsApp is a messaging app people can conveniently use anywhere, anytime they want. In this sense, there are more people who you can reach due to its popularity. The main goal of WhatsApp is to let you communicate with your friends and family through calling and texting. However, as time goes by, people become more social media reliant, and business owners have found a way to maximise the potential of WhatsApp marketing for their companies.

But, why do business owners and casual users choose WhatsApp?

  • Of course, WhatsApp is Free.
  • You can reach millions of people around the world.
  • It’s accessible anywhere as long as you have a data connection or the Internet.
  • You can also do voice calls, video chats, share photos, documents, and video chats.
  • It’s applicable for business marketing purposes.

Apart from these benefits, WhatsApp is also suitable for your growing business. To know how this messaging app can benefit your company, continue reading this article to familiarise yourself with WhatsApp Broadcast,WhatsAppchatbot,and more.


Ways to Improve Your Business Performance Through WhatsApp Marketing

Business marketers want to reach as many audiences as possible. They want to stand out and engage with multiple customers or clients in a day. It’s only feasible if they’re using a reliable social media platform like – WhatsApp.

But registering your WhatsApp business account is only the first step. When using the application, you should also know the purpose of every feature to maximise its potential. To do so, let this section guide you on how WhatsApp Marketing helps your business perform better.

1) Get the Benefit of Cost-Free Messaging

Gone are the days when you needed to send letters and wait for a reply for weeks or months. In this modern era, sending a message takes only seconds to deliver to your recipient regardless of their location. You can also reach anyone you want quickly by clicking through your phone! Plus, you can send pictures, videos, documents, and more.

But, the essential benefit of modern communication is cost-free messaging. Luckily, you can do this in WhatsApp marketing because they let you send messages without limits. You can use WhatsApp Broadcast to send a message to all of your contacts at once for additional benefits. Not only does it save you time, but it can also spread your marketing campaign faster.

2) You Can Send Picture, Videos, Documents

Marketing is more effective with pictures and videos because it’s more engaging. If your marketing lacks visual content, people wouldn’t take a look or won’t even notice your brand. Nowadays, people have shorter attention spans. They don’t prefer reading long advertisements because it wastes time. Luckily, WhatsApp allows users to send unlimited pictures and videos.

With this opportunity, you can plan for your WhatsApp marketing strategies. Of course, you must consider your target audience before launching your campaign. Make sure that your materials are high-quality. Therefore, hire a graphic designer, copywriter, social media manager, and other marketing professionals.

After creating your marketing materials, you can consistently send these videos and pictures to your customers. This way, they’ll know that your brand is active and open for customer queries.

3) A More Accessible Customer Support

Customers want a company who answers their questions right away. They don’t want to wait for days for your reply. If you let them wait for a long time, you’ll probably lose potential customers and clients. Keep in mind that modern customers are becoming more and more impatient because everything is within easy reach. With that in mind, you should also make your business more accessible.

Luckily, you can use WhatsAppchatbot or application programming interface (API) to answer and receive customer messages. As you have these features, you can answer your customer within seconds! You can guide them through their buying journey and encourage them to support your brand.

But before that, you should know the WhatsApp business API pricing to subscribe. You can subscribe to WhatsApp API accounts for three months to see if it will work for your business.

4) Boost Customer Loyalty

WhatsApp has many features like group chats, notification bells, WhatsApp broadcast and chatbot. These features allow you to build good relationships with your customers. The customers will feel that your brand also considers their well-being, not only the money. You can also send them notifications when your business has sale promos during the holidays.

Plus, if they get updates from your business, they will know the latest offers and buy or subscribe right away. For instance, you can send notifications to your customers to get a discounted price in a limited amount of time. It can also feel personal and direct to the point of advertising strategy.

5) Usage of Business Tools

If you’re wondering how to create a WhatsApp account, well, it’s easy because you only have to register,  fill in details, and learn about the different business tools. Once you pass this step, you can benefit from using their helpful business tools. It includes a business profile, WhatsAppchatbot, WhatsApp payments, WhatsApp business directory, and catalogues.

As you do this, you’ll be able to improve your business performance and create an effective marketing strategy. For this reason, you can grow your business into a successful and stable company.

6) Internal Communication with Colleagues

Finally, WhatsApp is also suitable for internal communication, improving employee relationships. It’s convenient to have a team meeting or updates about company policy. You can also use WhatsApp to network with other professionals within the company to improve job productivity. After all, an organised communication system can lead to better job performance.

Start improving your business performance with Sleekflow Technologies in Singapore. Let them answer your questions about how to create a WhatsApp account. You can also visit their website to know more about WhatsApp Business API pricing.

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