Donating or giving away for a cause can be immensely liberating and helpful not only at the receiving end but as well as at the giving end too. When businesses or charities choose to give for a greater humanitarian cause it brings about a positive impact on the economic health of the community which resides there. In turn, it fosters a better environment for doing and growing our business, giving to charity is always a win-win situation for our community as well as our business.

To put precisely in words of Kerry Bentivolio an American politician and teacher for 15 years, who also had the honor to serve as United States Representative for Michigan’s 11th congressional district said that, “When we empower our communities, we are all better off.”

Here’s a look at How Charitable Giving Helps Both our Community and our Business in more than one way and not just by simply helping us in tax deductions

The Benefits of Mutual Relationship:

According to studies, it is evident how giving itself helps us as an individual to boost our sense of belonging and our very reason for existence and meaning of life. As we follow the act becomes contagious resulting in numerous people who can reap benefits out of it, we can say that the same thing is also true for businesses because they are also made up of individuals. When the company or the business invest in its community it builds a sense of ownership in the community in itself, which in turn will motivate the community to give it’s collective best for our business and support our work and cause helping in lateral growth of both

Fosters Growth and loyalty:

When we tend to work for a community and invest our time and efforts in it. It helps us build a strong bond of trust and loyalty with them. Which in terms of business is very important. As in the future, these individuals make up a dedicated and trustworthy employee as well as a loyal customer of our brand. In return, they also get the opportunity to grow and groom themselves by associating themselves with our brand.

Builds a positive image:

Working with intentions of bringing up and developing a community by partnering with various organizations and NGOs helps us to create a positive and philanthropic image in front of our consumers as well as enhances our brand’s visibility owing to the far reach of the NGOs and other charitable trusts. This in turn can be very much helpful to grow our business in terms of sales. Which we can again use to put in for the good work of the charity. This cycle can help us scale up our profits as well as support and lifting a community and its people who are in need.


All in all, it’s natural what we give comes back to us in many ways and forms we cannot fathom. And when it is for community sky’s the limit. For instance, we can look at Sam Mizrahi Toronto, a real estate developer and entrepreneur who is the force behind the spectacular growth of Mizrahi Developments. In the last ten years as it has become a leading developer in the Canadian luxury condominium marketplace. Sam Mizrahi Net Worth is in millions and so are his donations and charities as he is highly regarded as a generous and engaged philanthropist and it appears that he enjoys supporting a wide range of charitable initiatives.

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