We all know that fruits and vegetables are very important for our health. One of the common problems which every pet owner face is controlled themselves against giving their pet the food from their pet. Many parents do not know what is good for their pet and what is not and thus sometimes they are not ready to give anything from their plate while sometimes when they control themselves and seeing the sad face of their pet, they end up giving food to their pet.

There is a very little number of foods which could be shared with your kitty. Before sharing it is necessary to search and read natural cat food near me to know the basics of what could be given to the cat and whatnot. Continue reading this to be sure of whether you are sharing healthy food with your kitty or not.

First of all, it is important to have a list of fruits and vegetables that are safe for cats

Cats are carnivores’ animals which means their diet should be protein-focused, they don’t need fruits and vegetables but sometimes giving those can be a replacement for high-calorie teas. The safest fruits and vegetables are

Baked Carrots




Green beans/ Broccoli (Steamed)


Peas pumpkin


Apart from these fruits and vegetable what you can share with your kitty are


Cats are meat eaters and human being omnivorous can also meat. So, meat is one of those things which you can share. While your cat requires the boiled meat while you’ll cook the meat yourself. Raw meat or spoiled meat can make the cat sick also never share cooked meat with your cat.

Whole Grains

Oats have a lot of protein and this is one of those things which many cats like. You can see what type of whole gains does your cat prefers it could be smaller gains so after finding out about the perfect grain you can go ahead and share your breakfast with your cat.


Fish is a very rich source of protein also it has omega 3-fatty acid which is useful for the cat’s eyes. Canned fish is the best for a cat while you can also share some light cooked fish giving the raw fish to a cat is not a very good idea.

You can get order pet food online and get the best meal for your kitty.

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