Have you just purchased agricultural land in Boonville? You might want the best farm buildings in Boonville, MO. Did you know that there are over nine agricultural farms in Boonville? Moreover, with the agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, and mining industries contributing over $100.268 to the economy, Boonville, MO, has the highest paying agricultural industry.

Undoubtedly, you might want to create farm buildings, isn’t it? Moreover, you will have the opportunity to employ more people and increase the 4.03% growth rate by more. However, you need to know the type of farm structures to build.

So, read this article to know the different structures and their function to build the necessary ones.

Types of farm buildings

There are over ten farm structures that you can build on your Boonville, MO land. Here are the top 6 structures you must have:


The farmhouse is the epicenter of your farming land. It serves as a home for the farmers, farmers’ families, workers, and other people. It is often close to the barn and is connected to the main road.

The farmhouse is a stable and sturdy structure with offices, seating areas, bedding, a cellar, and refrigerators. It is possible the largest building in your plot.


Barns are popular agricultural buildings used to house bigger livestock and their feed. You can also use barns to store some machinery and tools required to care for the livestock. Barns are generally created for cattle and horses. The cattle barns will have a milking area, and horse barns will have tack rooms.

Barns are large structures often made with sturdy wood.


Silos are wooden or concrete structures built to protect and store your grain in bulk. They are vertical structures that will keep the grains safe and always form livestock and elements of nature.

These structures ensure your grains remain viable to sell when you want.

Equipment Storage 

Equipment storage structures are essential to protect your equipment and keep them away from obstructing your movement at home or in the fields. The equipment storage building can be a wooden or metal building placed near the farmhouse or field.

The equipment storage building will increase the longevity of your machinery and tools.

Loafing Sheds

These are typically three-sided sheds created in areas with less foot traffic. It is perfect for farmers passionate about horse riding. The sheds essentially provide resting ground for the owner and the horses. It is a safe, secure, and covered retreat.

Livestock Shelters 

Livestock shelters are permanent or portable structures. Often, they have less than four walls and are perfect for smaller animals. These structures are generally built to shelter livestock from the elements of nature.

For instance, livestock structures can be used for the following:

  • Heat, cold, snow, and wind protection
  • Protect surface water from pathogens
  • Prevent nutrient deposition and erosion and offer alternative shade and shelter for livestock

Boonville, MO, is a charming city filled with rivers, historic landmarks, and beautiful parks. Moreover, it offers affordable living and offers the highest paying jobs in the agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, and mining industries. That’s why you might want to create farm buildings in Boonville, MO.

You might want to consider having various types of farm buildings. Some of the structures are farmhouses, silos, loafing sheds, equipment storage, livestock shelters, and barns. Each structure’s unique function is quintessential for the smooth functioning of your farm.

So, learn the various farm structures and build them according to your scale of operations.

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