Health, comfort, and productivity is the top priority on list when anyone thinks of a commercial building plan. The architecture now majorly focuses on creating spaces that stimulate productivity. The building is built in a way to make it sustainable. Keeping in mind people almost spend 90% of their time here, they build  company monitoring software it in a way that enhances the indoor climate. Here are a few designs that must be kept in mind to improve the business positively.

Thermal Comfortability

The primary way to secure a building’s comfort is to control its temperature ranges indoor. The heating and cooling requirements, if looked into, can hugely ensure employee productivity. Few checkpoints are the heating systems, air conditioning systems, ventilators, and also the building orientation. The indoor temperature is more impactful than the lighting. It has a direct influence on the employee’s health, performance, and well-being. Hence, offices tend to maintain an overall constant temperature across every room.

Air Quality

Might seem less relevant, but sealed buildings do have a foul air quality at times. Natural and mechanical ventilators, if designed with perfection, can effectively dilute the contaminants. If toxins build up in the air, the indoor inhabitants might face serious irritation issues.


The building, if gets too noisy, does affect the people inside it. The acoustics are executed after proper planning that helps increase business productivity as a whole. Materials that absorb and mask the sound are used intelligently and in abundance that reduces the unwanted noise transmission risks.

Visual Adjoins

As much as natural light is necessary for home setups, it is equally important in these commercial developments too. The architects now consider combining the amount of natural and artificial lights to create spaces that light in ways to lift the employee’s working spirits. They hold up the installation of ceiling lights in a way that their intensities can be adjusted according to needs.


In a rush, security is often neglected and that mustn’t be the case. Right from fire safety, building safety, electrical safety, and check on hazardous materials, this aspect must be prioritized to effectively boost employee’s mental peace to ensure that they’re safe.

Stendel + Reich data center architects redesign their projects in such a way that these processes integrate into the execution to liberate comfort for the inhabitants and raise their productivity. They are sure to understand what you expect before they deliver.

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